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  1. Off topic: Ah ash the selfless promoter. :wink: With good reason though. Back on: If you could get those gems in there I would love to the finished work.
  2. Yata gets my vote. Its easy to make a website with a light color background, or its easy to put to much distracting color into a webpage, but you were able to show off the abilities of PDN and do it without distracting everyone. Not only that the whole page was clean,slick,and easy to read on a black background. @buzzkill and barkbark, clean professional entries, well done. I would actually use those for a professional site page, but I was voting with skill and professionalism in mind. edit: Not that yours don't have skill and professionalism, I just think it takes real skill to make a dark background page look real good.
  3. @jetty sig lettering looks good as is, as long as you look at the eye you can read your sig. If you are trying to keep the eye as the main feature, I can't see any other way of doing other then what you did. If you don't mind having some attention taken from the eye then you could have your lettering go white to opac. edit: I just noticed the white to opac fade
  4. @Rick number 19. That shows how good this program is, and its FREE! If only we could get this kind of quality in everything we buy.
  5. The lightrays plugin might help you with this. That is actually my next project (using spotlights with stuff) I've been mulling over.
  6. @ash I don't usually take other peoples pics (its a wierd respect thing) but that tiger would look awsome as a framed poster. @madJik looks cool as heck, how many reflections did do?
  7. It seems to me, with a few exceptions ("how to use layers the easy way") most everything you use in anything is covered in the help file.
  8. There just seem to be so many tuts getting to the sticky point that a new folder, or sub folder, with only sticky tuts in it might be a nice way to organize it. In that case you can then sticky all unique tuts and categorize unique and origonal tuts with their corresponding "other ways to make, easier ways to make" tuts ex. 1.how to make glass orbs --origonal 1a. how to make kiosk orbs 1b. another way to make glass orbs It would take a bit of reworking though.
  9. Nice! I hadn't thought of that.... and it works pretty well too.
  10. If you're trying to compare noise to spray it's not even close. :? If your not then ignore my comment.
  11. i like the spray paint feature on MS, I don't really use it but it can be handy to touch up a few pixels here and there.
  12. you should ask this in the bugs and troubleshooting forum.
  13. Its not done yet but this is an example of ray use for the naysayer. Also used plugins wave and 3d object.
  14. I like the plugin and used it for a reflection on my homemade "sphere". I noticed that when I tried to reflect a circle I got a few pixels that changed from the origonal color i assigned them to clear. This happened at the junction between the "bottom" of the object and the "top" of the reflection, and only really affected the top of the reflection. It was easy to fix (just colored the pixels back) and in my opinion does nothing to take away from the usefulness of the plug.
  15. Like the rays and the user interface. It makes things much easier, and I love things that are easy.
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