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  1. well, of course you wouldn't download it IF you didn't need it knowing that you also had PS, (kudos for you. I think it says a lot about pdn being the best out there, when you're using it while you have a program like PS available) but yes, I was talking about MyPaint pressure sensitivity. When adjusting the transperency, do you mean pdn or MyArt? It sure seems like a lot more steps to achieve something that could be done in just one stroke (just sayin') Have you used it by the way? (MyPaint) Again, don't worry... pdn is not going anywhere to me. Not only i'm still bumbed that they dropped the tablet pressure sensitivity thing, but I just want to try something else out, perhaps this way I can justify that pdn is truly the best.
  2. Only reason that I'm asking, is because I just need an alternative to use pressure sensitivity on my work. But no beef with pdn. Have you guys heard of MyPaint? How did you like it? Will MyPaint concept be intergrated in paint.net if intergrating pressure sensitivity becomes unsuccessful?
  3. @BoltBait I bought a very nice used car for even less than 4k.... all it needs is an oil change. : \
  4. With this tool... you make my art beautiful..... :cross fingers: I hope they really consider it to be part of the toolbox. T_T
  5. I admit, i had a lil tough time understanding the tut by the way, she looks a lot like that really confused girl (the one that keeps showing up at the red carpets in a dress and chucks) who fell in love with that creepy vampire that sparkles from whats that movie... twigs night.. twilight whatever.
  6. is looking for a job!!!!

  7. Anyone? I'm looking for strand by strand tutorials. but if its also smudged, then its cool too.
  8. omg! These are amaizing! Especially if it's 100% pdn. Been trying to figure out if it was possible, but pfft! I see it now! Good work!
  9. I had a virus a couple of months ago on my computer, and it was recently that i got my computer fixed, and I downloaded this program called malwarebytes anti-malaware and it helped a tons! However, its now blocking my ability to update PDN. I mean pdn vs. 3.5.5 already works for me, but when I click the update button it gives me this funny message: and when I do try to click options so that it can also check for preleases and what not... nothing happens. My attempt is to uninstall my current pdn and install the pre release beta one... but I don't know the link to the software and wether it'll work. MY OS is Windows Vista 64-bit My virus protectors are AVG (8.5) MAlawere bites (1.46) My firewall's up too. I don't know if it'll help any.
  10. thnx chrisco97, you too frontcannon..... Like I said, I'm in the practicing phase...... eventually i'll crack this. But just out of curiosity, what do you call this style then?
  11. E.B.'s Gallery Hai wonderful people. I have been working on some celebrities portraits... my goal is to make them as vectorish looking as possible... but its not really working out, oh well. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- New Update: 6.2.12 v v ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Update: 3.30.12 v v ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Updated: 6.23.11 v v ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- New Update: 26.12.10 v v ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Updated 05.06.10 v v Again, I'm in the practicing mode. I would appreciate it if you guys gave me some more ideas on what and who to draw next. Oh if you guys wish to see more from me, please visit my newly updated site @ Whisper2u. Can't wait to see you there. Ciao!
  12. yeah that's what i meant... i have the latest version, and it stills says there's an error in all of them.
  13. i cant get this specific effect to run through the newer pdn version (3.5). actually i cant get the whole package to run. when i searched through it was telling me to find an updated version. is there an updated version of this?
  14. this is great. Honestly my mouth was wide opened because I was truly amaized. One problem though... some of my effects and adjustments effects aren't showing up. I checked if they are in my effect folder... everything's there. So I don't know what's going on.
  15. Well, don't I feel stupid today. lol. :smacks forhead: The reason the utility thing wasn't working is because I had my files all over the place. But it did give me an option to run as an admin which I failed to see the first few tries. SO the last try.. I did it, and it finally installed, I removed the program... and well... picked up from there. Thank you guys... stupidity sure does got a hold of me these days. But one thing's for sure, you guys sure are doing a WONDERFUL job, because these last 5 days I was growing all depressed and stuff over (almost) loosing pdn. soo.... keep it up!
  16. I didn't uninstal it correctly. I went to the program files and actually deleted pdn. When I realized it, I also accidentally emptied out from the trash bin. its completely gone.
  17. I don't know what I was thinking, but I accidentally deleted that folder when I noticed that PDN was crashing a lot for no apperent reason. So I thought to unistall it and then the reinstall it again. But now I can't do that since that folder is deleted. What should I do to at least completely remove it from my computer?
  18. so ash, i've come up with this. Is not good as yours, but I don't know... any pointers to make the hair a bit more...... realistic?
  19. LOL! good one ash! BUT wow! COOL! for the edited pic did u also do that with the "smudge" tool?
  20. yep.... I COMPLETELY failed with the hair.... it looks like a cat's furr!!! what can I do to make it more silky like..... sort of like I would if I were to use a ..... say...... a tablet?
  21. I've been working up the courage to ask someone this because I know PDN forum is composed of amaizing graphic designers and artists... and me, I'm just a nob and I would TOTALY understand why anyone would laugh at me. But because I'm so used to my life being all messed up and being embarassed is a waste of my time, I'm going to ask any way: So, I noticed people talk about this and I want to know. 1. What is mask? 2. How do you use it or apply it to an image? 3. Can it be converted from Photoshop to PDN? (tutorials-wise) Since brushes are so popular, 1. How is it properly used? for example, I've been able to access a grungy brush pack (from someone in here, I forget who...), how do I use them? And also, I have tons of textures in 100x100 format<<--they are purposely meant for photoshop. 1. How do I use these textures? Or how do I apply them into my images? (are there special pluggings I should by chance take a look at?) Oh since I'm the asking-mood... When is the smudge tool actually going to be in the toolbox along with the pen, eraser, pencil etc... , I mean usually the smudge tool in different programs is in the toolbox section. pheuwww.... I got these off my chest. I guess I'll be waiting for your suggestions or comments. if you're like me and easily lazy, can you please leave me the subject's thread url so that I can check them out also? please, and thanx a bunch.
  22. do you know.... how much i'm tearing up right now? ... this is the best thing that has ever happened to me. i'm 98% ready to get rid of my fireworks and photoshop right now.... just until the brush thing arrives. Then OFF with their heads... THANKS SO MUCH 4 UPLOADING THIS. You rock!
  23. This is EXACTLY what I have been looking 4.. AWESOME job! also, with the other plugin you extracted just to make this one.. n_n
  24. Greetings everyone from italy, Recently I have been going through a weird transformation... from fantasy, to stars, then nature... and all of a sudden ... urban? as in the... grungy style! (i know how does this have anything 2 do with nature) anyways, so I want 2 use my resources... at least the free ones.. including image pack masks.. uhm... could anyone.. at all come up with a tutorial or at least a tip.. on how 2 use ... masks on a image? cuz I have many image packs that have mask in them.. they look soooo cool... but I freeze and just stare at them, without knowing what to do with them, cuz i'm soo clueless.
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