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  1. @Welsh blue -- thanks, yeah I really enjoy the cloning pics, I should probably try to broaden my horizons though. I agree the stars wars pic needs shadows, it definitely looks 'shopped'. Any suggestion or tuts you know if for creating good shadowing? @Axle -- Yeah, Steve is from Blue's Clues. My sons love that show. About the sigs, yeah I know they are not great, but I was trying to make it a little jagged, maybe I will try again. @sokagirl -- Thank, and good eye on the Tatooine, a true Star Wars fan @Frontcannon -- thanks for the advice, I will check out that tut.
  2. Hey Weylin - good work on the lightsaber. I will offer a couple suggestions you can use if you want. I think it looks great but if you are looking for the more star wars feel you might want to make the blade and the hilt seperatley. That way you won't get the glow on the hilt. Also, how I made my sabers was in 3 layers. The top layer (inner) -- make this color almost white with just a hint of the color you are using (purple in your case). Then give it just a tiny bit of gausian blur. The middle layer -- make this the color you want and slightly larger then the inner or top layer and give it more gausian blur then the top layer. The bottom layer (outer) -- Make this larger yet and select a darker purple (or what ever color you are using) and use lots of gausian blur. This should give you the more star wars feel....but maybe that is not the look you were going for. Not being critical, just wanted to let you know how I did it. Keep up the good work
  3. Just added my first 2 ever attempts at signatures. A lot more difficult then I thought it woould be. Any feedback on how to improve them would be appreciated. Thanks.
  4. I love this...it is an amazing piece of art. WOW.
  5. Added a few more projects, including a try at a Star Wars theme...yea, I made some lightsabers. Not sure if I like the final product, but the sabers turned out well imo.
  6. This is really great work. One of my best friends is a graphic designer for a big company, and your work is on par with his. Kudos man! I wish I had artistic vision like this. Keep up the good work.
  7. Yeah...I really enjoy the clone pics. The 'cloning' pictures are not hard at all. The hardest part is the set up. You have to make sure that the background does not change when taking the pictures (I use a tripod). If you want some more information you can PM me. You must be a fan of Steve. Thanks, I find these really fun to play around with. I can for sure do a car....any suggestions?
  8. Hello All, I am new to the forums as well. Like Weylin, I signed up for the previous forum while it was locked out, so had to re-sign up. I have been using PDN for a few weeks, and love it. Prior to, I had not used any phote editing software, besides the basics to remove red eye. I am in no way, any type of artist, but I do really enjoy photo manipulation. So my projects are limited to enhancing/manipulating photos. In my limited time, I have found these forums to be an excellent resource.
  9. I have fixed and they are now not linked to my account. Thanks for the advice.
  10. Thanks...I think I figured it out. The pictures are now included.
  11. Thanks....I have been called many things in my life, but never a model.
  12. I thought you had to use a link. I am new here and when I read the rules it said no posting of images. Is there another way for me to post my pics on here. Thanks...I find that the easiest way to accomplish the pleasantville effect is to just make a a duplicate of the picture you want. Change the background to black and white, make a a selection using lasso with what you want colored on the duplicate layer and paste to a new layer. Then on the new layer just erase what you black and white. Make sure to not have the second layer (full color photo) not visible. It usually takes longer but I like the finished product.
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