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  1. Heres what I came up with trying to duplicate the cubes. They are like glass boxes but still not the effect. Also ash your ice cube is wow again.
  2. Hmm I just noticed something links to the old forums don't work................ Such as the links to pugins in tutorial section. Which means tutorials with custom plugins will have to have each link updated........
  3. True TPBM: Would rather burn PS cds and boxes and then would display PDN CDS and box on an alter.
  4. Well on a gimp forums I mite get an answer on how to do it in gimp but not Paint .NET.
  5. I think you can change the phpbb logo in the css part in the admin cp its like that on Invison I don't know about phpbb. Yea I was at the old forums going what the heck why is every thing locked.........
  6. You Owe Underwear To Under Betting Everyone DROPIT
  7. heres the guys gallery, I found it funny how the preview of the aura blood looked till I downloaded it was actual pretty good but how dose this guy do some of these things like his golden glass and this wallpaper. http://programmerlord.wincustomize.com/skins.aspx
  8. Last Chaos , Project Torque , and Kal Online. I would recommend Last Chaos its a great game. http://www.lastchaos.com.my/index.php http://project-torque.aeriagames.com/ http://www.kalonline.com/
  9. 9.4 somethings off but I am not sure what, but it still looks very well made and thought out and looks good.
  10. Song Name: Points Of Authority Artist/Group: Linkin Park Album: Hybrid Theory Where: http://www.pandora.com
  11. Yes there is a difference one uses borrowed money and the other uses your money.
  12. A sense of sight Debit Card or Credit Card
  13. Ok there is this guy who gos by the name of programmerlord and he made this in gimp hes like a gimp freak I don't know how all I know is that it is seamless.
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