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  1. Nothing is wrong with it be being larger than the orginal but the JPG format isn't that great I recommend the png format.
  2. I live 60 miles a way from Canada I live in Montana pretty close to glacier National park.
  3. I have over 10000 fonts we could make that very long if we used all those :shock:
  4. I just recently put up this site http://trippdoctor.co.nr/ and here http://trippdoctor.hopto.org/ but thing is I would like to add tuts from these forums since some of them are pretty useful. So if you have any thing you would like on it just post it here as I said all credit will be kept. Also please tell me what you think of the site.
  5. AMD has not even came out with there new processor and when AMD displayed prototypes to the public intel quit saying they were the worlds best processor. I don't know about the graphics cards whole but AMD is better than Intel when it comes to cpus. How would you like an 8 core CPU?
  6. Hints Base image is with 3 colors (black, white, blue.) Tile reflection. Glass blocks. Heres what I came up with.
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