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  1. Thanks! Also this is awesome ash your very impressing. http://0-ash-0.deviantart.com/art/Ice-cube-2-5-64064993
  2. I would wait for AMD to come out with there new CPU I believe they are going to making up to a 8 core CPU. I know they have a quad on the market right now.
  3. Ok now I just need to discover how you got round corners and it to blend like that. I still haven't made much if any progress on discovering how to make that wallpaper.
  4. well heres what i came up with in 15 minutes with my method.
  5. well I haven't tried I examined it though and looks like you used dents and 3 cubes one inside of each other and slightly different color am I even close?.
  6. Hey ash how did you make your Ice cube I know you used the 3D plugin.
  7. 6/10 the corners sticking out of the round corners looks bad also the text seems out of place and unless your sig is animates avoid the gif.
  8. Remember the built in forum search doesn't work right now so give him some slack, but my friend you can use this search. http://www.getpaint.net/search.html
  9. Bang your wish is granted to have have 40gb/s internet speed so now you can download files at 500,000kB/s when really you wanted 40gB/s internet speed. I wish that I would never die, and was an alchemist.
  10. Bang you get your wish to get new music and when once it arrives in the mail you discover its all baby music. I wish I knew every thing about computers also that I own the Blue Gene/L Supercomputer.
  11. 5/10 Yata sounds to much like Yoda and I don't star wars.
  12. What about C++ I don't want to learn a whole new language even though C# seems similar and mite be easy to change over.
  13. Bang you get your wish to run faster than the speed of light but since your traveling faster than the speed of light you go back into time till nothing is there. I wish I knew every thing.
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