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  1. Hello, If you just want to compress them for emailing my sugesstions if install the following app, called shrink pic. It will run in the background and when you attache a pic to an email it will atomatically shrink it for you. It is an excellent little tool to have. Can be found at http://www.onthegosoft.com/shrink_pic.h ... =shrinkpic Cheers Jr223
  2. Hi all, Just a quick question. I have been making some adjustments editing to some pictures that I took. I noticed that when I go to save a dialogue box comes up, there is a slider for the quality. If I save at 100% the file ends up being bigger then the original. Why is this? does this mean the saved edited file is of a higher quality the the original? As an example I opened a file pic001 that was 1.8 MB in size. After doing the edits and saving at 100% the file is now 2.2 MB. Should I be using the 100% to save the edited files or less to keep them a smaller size or close to the original. Thanks JR223
  3. Thanks so much for the great help! My pics look very very good now. Just out of cureosity what did I do wrong with the message? I read the posting requirments, maybe I missed something. Please let me now what it is and I will make sure in the future I follow the proper quidelines. Thanks Cheers Jr223
  4. Hi! Love Paint.net it is great Now on to my little problem that I need help with. I recently took some underwater digital pictures, which turned out very very blue! I did some research and purchased a couple of books which have told me that there is a lack of color as you get deeper and deeper underwater, hence the lack of red, orange etc in my pics. I now that there is a photoshop plugin or action called Underwater Colour Correct Red. This seems to fix the blue issue with the pics that are illustrated in the book I have. How do I go about fixing this in Paint.net? Please let me now. I have attached a few files to illustrate the lack of colour in them. Thanks for all the great help Cheers Jr223
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