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  1. Send your complaints about false positives to Webroot; we can't do anything about it.
  2. It could be another weird locale issue with text parsing. I'll investigate over the weekend.
  3. @HopperElec, Do you not realize you've been using a beta release of v4.2.16?
  4. @Hoyerman, @Ripper, or @Wolla, One of you needs to substantiate your report by posting a screenshot showing that you've installed the suggested Windows Update.
  5. Please verify this; post a screenshot that shows the update is installed.
  6. Because you're testing a beta release of Paint.NET, and bugs are expected. Thanks for testing, by the way. You can select 32-bit (instead of auto-detect), or wait for this issue to be fixed in the next release, or install the stable v4.2.15 Paint.NET
  7. The Primary and Secondary don't switch automatically; you have to click (or press C on your keyboard) to switch them. If you're asking if you can completely disable the Secondary color, you can not.
  8. @NSD, this issue has been fixed in Paint.NET v4.2.16. You can download the beta release here: https://forums.getpaint.net/topic/118070-paintnet-4216-beta-build-7765/
  9. No, you can't remove individual Effects from the DLL. Just refrain from running it. An update will come to fix the issue.
  10. You missed April Fools' Day by two days.
  11. Please provide a screenshot verifying that Windows is up-to-date.
  12. Please verify the installer is using the correct folder.
  13. I recommend uninstalling paint.net. Once paint.net uninstalled, reinstall it.
  14. Please post a screenshot showing 'Program Files'. Within the 'paint.net' folder, the folder you're looking for is called either 'Effects' or 'FileTypes'. Edit by Rick: fixed critical typo 😎: 'Effects' of or 'FileTypes'.
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