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  1. I don't like clutter on my desktop so no icons. I made the image using a screen shot from Aika and put an image of a female warrior from Final Fantasy XII in the foreground.
  2. For this the solution is put your text on a new layer. This way you can move the text all you want without moving the background image/color. In this case if you are using an image, just duplicate the image layer and work on the top layer. In this way you will be able to move the selected part of the image and still have it visible from the layer below so it will be as if you didn't move it. The same can be done if you don't want to go back and fill it in when using a solid color background. This is not a problem. "Fiddling around with layers" is EXACTLY what a multilayer photo/image editor is for. If you want to use any type of quality image editor this skill is a must. Considering your rigid standpoint and unwillingness to learn staying with mspaint may be just the thing for you to do.
  3. I have heard the same thing. What actually happened? People who I know that left WoW to play it came back to WoW because they said it didn't live up to the hype and they were disappointed. Other people say its the best game they ever played I guess its a matter of preferences. I have played some very crappy games and still do because they have a good community I can identify with. Likewise I have quit some good games because the community was just horrible. So when it comes to Aion I'm a little afraid to try it. I don't want to spend all that money getting the game and then paying for a month subscription just to find out I totally hate the game. I started playing WoW on the free trial and got hooked. Well I hope that helped. If I just made you more confused sorry. Give me an idea of what you like and maybe I can recommend something.
  4. Thanks. I used this really awesome tutorial:Trail Plug-in 3D Text Tutorial Only thing I did different from the tut is I removed the stock image at the end. and this Breakaway font which I really liked.
  5. I feel your pain. I'm trying to make tut vids for some games I play and it's not going well at all. I would consider getting the plug-ins if WMM didn't lock up every time I try to do more than add a blend/fade effect. Any attempt at serious editing and it's just an epic fail. This is true. Finding anygood ones for free is nearly impossible unless you are running linux in which case there is openvideo.The best I have found for windows to date is. VideoPad If you find anything better than this let me know I could sure use it.
  6. I personally am not a big fan of platform games. Ido play games on the PS2 but basically I feel the systems are overpriced and refused to buy them. If you ask what I play I will tell you many different games on the PC. At the moment my favorite is a 3 way split between. World of Warcraft, Aika(Been playing this since closed beta) and Kitsu Saga(I am currently involved in closed beta testing this) for your reference: World of Warcraft (I use a custom User Interface so it may seem confusing) Aika Kitsu Saga Since this is currently in Closed Beta testing Im not sure if Im allowed to post screenshots. I will find out and post them if you would like to see the game. if you are curious about my gaming history you can click this: If you have questions about any of the games I play or have played I will do my best to answer them.
  7. This is a signature I made for one of my World of Warcraft characters.
  8. I have been trying to find wallpapers for my web book and found it to be nearly impossible. So I made one. the problem is its unusual size. 1204 x 600. The one I made needs some thing done with it but I cant figure out what it is thats looks wrong. Any help would be cool. Also I could really use some good wallpapers so if any of you more experience users want to make something for people like me I would appreciate it. Heres what I made:
  9. @ flip I like it. but I agree with Blooper about the floating text. Yeah I had the same problem when I was making it. I think its in the brightness and contrast but when i tried adjusting it it just got worse so I left it like this. If you come up with an idea on how to fix it let me know. Can you explain how the water effect is overdone? I don't understand. I was trying to get the ripples like the old water plug-in. Thanks in advance.
  10. I was reading the rules and came across this. I thought it was rather funny so incase you missed it: Person A: How do I do ______ ? Person B: Oh just click on _____ and then do _____ Person A: I can't find it :'( :'( Person B: Well make you sure you look over ______ and click on _____ first Person A: I still can't find it!!! :'( Person B: (suddenly gains psychic insight) Oh, make sure you have the latest version installed. Person A: (suddenly gains the power of the latest version) Yes! IT works now! wow and to think this actually happens.
  11. @ flip I like the sigs very nice. @ kinzo I think its good for a first sig. actually I think its better than my first sig. Keep up the good work Here is something I threw together playing with some plug-ins I haven't used yet. Let me know what you think.
  12. I looked for that with no luck. The only thing you can do is pick one of 4 themes they offer. I have no idea what either of those are. I guess I will have to keep looking. Thanks to all of you for your replies. Everything helps.
  13. I edited my original post to show what x-fire does. I am trying to find a way to do this that I can understand. Everything I have seen on how to do this so far is all php which I have no idea about. I could post the code I found but I hardly think that would be appropriate. If someone knows a way to link teh information to a sig or idk how it woudl work I would really appreciate any help. If someone wants the code to look at let me know and I will post it. Thanks again.
  14. I'm not really good with html or any of that so I was wondering if someone could tell me how to put the information in the xfire sig into a custom sig that I make.If your not sure what xfire it I can post their sig in an edit to this post. If you do know please help me with this. Thank you in advance. Edit: This is the x-fire mini profile. The information relating to game time and online status are real time so I need to know if anyone has found a way to get this information into a custom sig using PDN and if they have please let me know how you did it or if you know how I would appreciate your help.
  15. Very nice tut. I had to try this so here's what I got. This may be my new siggy not sure yet.
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