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  1. This should not be posted in the Tutorial section, It's supposed to be done in the General Discussion & Questions section!
  2. hell, people, "keep it reasonably intelligent"? I cant see that here =P
  3. random top 30 songs from the reformed newgrounds audio portal http://www.newgrounds.com/audio/ A-bot randomly plays top 30 songs...
  4. I thought id give it a go, was actually ment to be a sig... Source edit; http://paintdotnet.12.forumer.com/image ... 870189.gif Just this one
  5. thx, I got to admit, ive never tried drop shadows before. except for looking what it does, but not in any other way... ill give it a go!
  6. mickderks.deviantart.com rather small, but then again, i started using paint.net 3 days ago...
  7. this effect The title sais most. However, few points I may add! - I have tried using the dents plugin - I have tried using the clouds effect however, I havent succeeded in making the type of myst effect... Can you people please try to help me done, i didnt even know i still had this... =S
  8. Hello people, as u can see I am quite new on this forum, though I think I can help you all out, since ive been in the WindowsXP Customization Bussiness for quite a while now... - CrystalXP.net - Stardock.com (known already out here, windowsblinds is free for the most part and DesktopX is usefull but has a rather small window of options...) - Litestep.net is for me unknown, as such, I am unwilling to give further information about this program.
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