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  1. Quick Question: I see a few gifs ^^ that look like movies. DId you convert mpegs or avi's to get those? If you did, can you tell me where you got the program?
  2. Are you talking about using your scanner to put an image into PdN? Hope this helps.
  3. Essayer d'employer ceci. http://dictionary.reference.com/translate/index.html Try to use this. http://dictionary.reference.com/translate/index.html
  4. It's the font. I chromed it and deleted and feathered the insides.
  5. Me too. I was reffering to the growing number of people with the petition in their sigs.
  6. C'mon, people. Don't be rude; let's drop this. Anyways, I never watched Code Lyoko, but a friend of mine likes it. He hasn't told me about it going off-air, though. We mostly talk about other things, like Paint.NET.
  7. ... you petition to raise the sig limit to 150 because you are having a hard time fitting things into a 100 pix sig.
  8. terraform>no atmosphere Just pollute the atmosphere with carbon dioxide to create an intentional greenhouse effect, introduce nitrogen fixing bacteria into the soil, and let plants slowly replace CO2 with O2. Simple, but it takes a millenium.
  9. You're really out to get me, aren't you? :wink: Nuclear missile>Halley's comet
  10. Lunar Orbit Power Station>Solar Eclipse
  11. Here are several of mine. Yours^^ looks squashed. But I still like it. 8.5/10
  12. Can't argue with that. Nor can I think of anything that may beat Jerbert... Wait. Ice Cream Sandwiches>Jerbert :twisted:
  13. Just remember, without Stardock there would be no Galactic Civilizations. never heard of that before now. but lemme rephrase anyway. ahem. ObjectDesktop EWWWWWW!!! better? Galciv II! Love it! And I use Icon Packager, Window Blinds, and pretty much most of wincustomize.com on my computer. Can't live without my DesktopX!
  14. I only install plugins that I need. Even then, I run everything I download through Norton, and I have killed three viruses since installing. Never has a PdN plugin been anything other than what it says it is. @lionhearted: Yes, you say is becuase 'gloriousness' is singular.
  15. I just went to getpaint.net and followed the links. It installed in about 5 min. and it runs perfectly.
  16. I can think of a few... Religion Fashion Space Nature Music Fantasy Military Undersea
  17. I think he is talking about the resize by using nubs. Here is a pic. Notice that in the top of the pic, I used "Smooth" to enlarge Megaman, and he looks smoother. On the bottom, I used "Pixelated." If you are shrinking with the nubs, this may be the problem. It is set to Smooth by default. Please forgive me if this doesn't help. :?
  18. all the universe. Okay it is done. Here it goes! In the wild, I met a dead blackbird that had three spleens that were saturated with ebola, which infected Mr. Paint because he wasn’t paying attention to the maladjusted which was eating delicious apple pie and drinking some axle grease with some dry ice and a coke after drawing a giant purple hippo. Only friend of him was a giant purple hippo who has a giant purple hippo that has another secret to tell and a dollar just for testing the coke machine which was completely tipped over from the Halloween parties which are delightful! My hands are rainbow colored because I eat skittles and I love singing in the giant purple hippo? He was married with someone called “Man dances with Hippo’s.â€
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