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  1. Wow, I'm hanging out here so much less since I became part of the Art of Writing forum.
  2. o_0 I do hope you're wearing shorts, pineappleQc
  3. There is a certain style to heavily pixelated art.
  4. How about an amazing spacescape in a vista window?
  5. Nowadays, if some things are too big for cd's, I put them on dvd.
  6. ... you become like usedHONDA and memorize all the hotkeys for bragging rights (and convenience).
  7. [EDIT] I'm not laughing at you bossk, but at Yata.
  8. Is it possible to mace sub-categories in the fiction section? Fiction is a very broad subject. I mean, you've got sci-fi, mystery, fantasy, etc...
  9. @Ash. That planet looks like it was actually painted. Nice!
  10. oh, ya, forgot to respond to you, uhm, drew the madcat from mech commander not warrior I am teh winzar PS> I play Mechcommander too! Go Inner Sphere! (I'm ridiculous, aren't I?)
  11. Can't... stop... staring... at... spinning... color wheel... :shock: Heehee it is cool, and for its uniqueness I give it a 9/10.
  12. Would it be alright if I used my PdN name on your forum? If not, will change.
  13. Merlin the Wizard, from the tale of King Arthur and Excalibur.
  14. I think he sent the un-extentioned file to the recycle bin.
  15. Sorry about your avatar *ducks to avoid flying computer* .
  16. Yay! I graduated High School today! I will post a picture in the Show Yourself thread soon.
  17. Dude! It's a freakin' Madcat. A Madcat! Also known as the Timberwolf! Sorry, I am a huge fan of Mechwarrior, been playing all the games since Super Nintendo, as well as reading the books. Wow!
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