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  1. Dang, imageshack is slow... four minutes of waiting to register and counting... Meanwhile, working on another spacescape...
  2. Dust clouds, nebulae, galaxies themselves are clouds of stars. Need I go on? I studied some astronomy when I was younger (about 8 years ago).
  3. If I got that then the only window I would need would be colors, longer need history or tools.
  4. Thank God fr you, jake2k! http://img162.imageshack.us/my.php?image=esspacescape5cz1.jpg Now I can upload all my large images for all to see!
  5. *checks out imageshack* o_0 all I get are mirrors to incomprehensible sites...
  6. Okay. Here is the link. Hope it works http://barak.lyons.googlepages.com/ESSpacescape5.zip
  7. Yeah, I always try to match my sig and avatar. uH, however... *looks at mismatched images above*
  8. I have made a giant spacescape, but every time I try to upload to Google Pages, it turns into a crappy jpeg. If I put it into a compressed .zip folder, would you download it and check it out? *Don't worry, no viruses*
  9. I used a couple of things... Still writing, will be done in a few minutes... [EDIT] The tut is done! Check it out! http://paintdotnet.12.forumer.com/viewtopic.php?p=41451#41451 [EDIT 2] BTW, how does one go about turning text into a link? Like in Down's signature.
  10. Guess I will begin writing a tut then.
  11. Here is an engine flare I made for a portrait.
  12. I wonder if anyone would be interested in either a tut about how to make an Earth-like planet or a tut to help make rocket engine burns...
  13. Another telepathic prediction: uH thinks "Oh, No! Please don't! It's the only way I can pass Rick without actually *gasp* posting artwork!"
  14. If you don't read the rules and screw them up really badly, you could find yourself permanently banned. Read the rules, man. We don't want you to get banned. The Rules http://paintdotnet.12.forumer.com/viewtopic.php?t=3446
  15. I didn't say that, BoltBait. You have your right to an opinion, I was just making a comment...sorry if it offended you. Just a bit of friendly joking. Nothing serious.
  16. That has happened to me a few times, but only very rarely.
  17. That's so funny! Confucius say: Anyone who carry ladder to place of education goes to high school.
  18. Oops! Sorry; I didn't know that was a beginning! Will erase. :oops:
  19. Waste? Why do you consider it a waste? P.S. Happy Mother's Day to any mothers out there. EDIT: ... you feel sad to leave the forums to get some sleep. G'night y'all.
  20. Drat. ... you have been sitting at your desk doing nothing but using PdN while glancing at the forums every two minutes. EDIT: ^^
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