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  1. i realized that, but i wanted to see by what margin people would vote for PDN, also, these three are the only ones i have ever used, that's why i chose them, because i actually know a bit about them!
  2. Hi everyone, just wanted to know what your opinions were about the three leading (and when i say leading, i mean the best) free photo editing software out there. check out the poll and also post comments on why you think your choice is the best. i personally think Paint.NET is the best for a number of reasons. first, i love the fact that it is adaptable for plugins, whereas Picasa2 and Photoshop starter are not. second, it has an enormous amount of tools that the $700 Photoshop CS3 has, such as the magic wand, and the lasso. Thirdly, (and i don't know if thirdly is even a word), it has an amazing forum that has very nice people in it that develop all these great effects and add-ins. Picasa would be my second choice because it has a few features that stand out from the rest of the software, such as a straightening tool, and a very good photo sharing feature through Gmail. i find that Photoshop Album Starter Edition does not have a very good arsenal of features, nor does it have a very good way of organizing photos. it's complicated, as well, and that does not make for very good software, unless you have the time to learn it, which i don't.
  3. i did not take these pictures, but i put them together and added a couple of effects to make them look cool
  4. i have read the FAQ, but it did not help much. can someone please tell me how to post a .png or a JPEG image into the pictorium topic? thanks so much
  5. I had a couple of new ideas for effects. 1.) if this isn't a repeat of something that you can already do or is an idea that someone already had, someone could make a feature like in google's Picasa software where you can make a collage with different frames. (i hope though, if someone does make this, that it would be a little bit better than picasa's, because it does not allow you to see all of the photos, or allow you to move them around inside the collage.) 2.) also, there should be a feature like in picasa, again, that will allow a picture to be straightened. thanks again for creating this software, and if anyone wants me to stop throwing ideas out, just tell me in a post EDIT: By the way, thank you for pointing the EDIT button out, but i don't find messages get across well that way. I'm not saying i'm not going to use it, i just saying my opinion
  6. Here is a photo i took at the park right next to my house. i turned it into a cartoon after noticing that the squirrel was looking at me and the bird was looking at the squirrel http://mypaintnetphotos.googlepages.com/BIRDCARTOON.jpg
  7. Boltbait, you seem to have typed fast enough to beat me back to my own post!
  8. I guess i could toy with the Layers for a while, maybe even get some help from a website or two, thanks
  9. Thanks Boltbait, sorry, i completely forgot about those things :oops:
  10. Thank you Down, and Extra, can you? I have not yet come across a watermark tool (or maybe you can do it in layers: i haven't used layers yet cause i not very savvy with them) but i don't think they have a frame pack yet.
  11. Hi everyone! I had a few ideas for some effects if anyone wants to try to develop them (I am asking anyone but me because i don't know anything at all about creating software or anything like that.) I have read all the stickies (well, most of them.) and i think i have a couple of ideas that no one has brought up yet. Here they are (as well as some ideas of what will be included with it): 1.) A Frames package like the ones in various other image editing programs with frames like: a.) An Air Force frame encompassing various Fighter Aircraft and Bomber Aircraft. (such as the Lockheed Martin F-22 Raptor, Northrop Grumman B-2 Spirit, and Sukhoi (Russian aircraft company) Su-37 Terminator (or Super Flanker or what-ever-you-want-to-call-it. ) b.) A "binocular" frame like they used in The Dukes Of Hazzard (looks like you are actually looking through binoculars) and... 2.) A few color filters that just, well, make the picture look like you put a colored transparent piece of plastic in front of the lens of the camera also... 3.) A Watermark effect that allows for an image from the internet or your hard drive to be put on an image, except washed out. Anyone who likes these ideas and wants to make them, obviously feel free to and anyone who has more ideas for effects can list them in a reply I just wanted to say Thanks to the designers of Paint.NET; for me, it is the perfect tool to edit my photos and at just the right price, too!
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