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  1. That's not my point. Its a cool effect, it just hasn't much in common with "vibrato".
  2. That might be an interesting effect, but AFAIK not at all the same as explained in the link you sent. The reason, the formula described is a Transfer function and should thus be applied to the frequency domain (sorry if I get the terminology wrong, it's a while since I did my signal processing course..). That is you should do a FFT, apply the function, then do an IFFT, and not apply it directly to pixel values.
  3. That's due the localization, Interlace.dll is the actual plugin while the two other are satellite dlls. You can delete the satellite dlls (fi/Interlace.resources.dll and sv/Interlace.resource.dll) if you don't need finnish and swedish translation.
  4. at least one of the plugins namely Interlace, already is (to finnish and swedish, since those are the only languages I thought I knew good enough to try..) Not sure if it's "the official way" to do it though.... @Rick: what's your view on this matter?
  5. You seem to forget that the whole raison d'être for particularly Blend, and to some extent Design is to create User Interfaces for WPF (and probably Silverlight (http://microsoft.com/silverlight) applications.
  6. Favorite artists: Neal Morse, Dream Theater, Mark Schultz, Real Group ... Genre: mostly anything (though last.fm tells I'm heavily into classical after playing some HÃ¥kan Hardenberger on repeat the other day..)
  7. If you would have gone to the page, you would have seen that it doesn't exactly matter... http://www.microsoft.com/products/expression/en/expression-design/free-trial.mspx
  8. This is a long shot, but the symptoms are similar if you haven't installed the appropriate VC++ runtime http://www.microsoft.com/downloads/details.aspx?familyid=32bc1bee-a3f9-4c13-9c99-220b62a191ee&displaylang=en (it also seems that stuff developed "post VS2005" SP1, needs a newer runtime, than stuff developed "pre VS2005 SP1" @Rick: is this something required, and if so, the setup shim should probably take care of it if it doesn't already? (and if it does, then this whole post can be disregarded) (x64: http://www.microsoft.com/downloads/info.aspx?na=45&p=2&SrcDisplayLang=en&SrcCategoryId=&SrcFamilyId=32bc1bee-a3f9-4c13-9c99-220b62a191ee&u=details.aspx%3ffamilyid%3d90548130-4468-4BBC-9673-D6ACABD5D13B%26displaylang%3den)
  9. Nyt menee vähän off-topic mutta... Tuli mieleen tehdä tommonen interlace plugin, ja sattumoisin yritin samalla kääntää suomeksi. Jos jotakuta huvittaa niin voi kai vähän kattoa sitä käännöstä ja ilmoitella jos on sattunut kömmähdyksiä... threadi: http://paintdotnet.12.forumer.com/viewtopic.php?p=33014
  10. Somewhat OT, but oh well... I've published an Interlace plugin that I also localized to swedish. If anyone's interested, feel free to sanity check the translation.. plugin thread: http://paintdotnet.12.forumer.com/viewtopic.php?p=33014
  11. Just updated the plugin. - added ordering support, meaning configurable whether it replaces even or odd 'rows' and re-published the sources.. See links in first post.
  12. Now, whenever paint.net crashes you get a pdncrash.log on the desktop, great! However, if a plugin crashes, there's no indication of what plugin/version that crashed, although the plugin can probably be extrapolated from the stacktrace. This info would probably be useful for plugin author. (To rule out the possibility that someone is using an old, buggy version) Or you might as well dump all AssemblyVersion, AssemblyFileVersion, AssemblyInformationalVersion attributes of all loaded assemblies if you want to go overboard
  13. Heh, I figured that such an option might be needed, but then somehow forgot about it.. I'll try to remember to fix that.. I'll post the source after I've done some cleanup. Meanwhile as a pointer, I just did it the standard .NET way, meaning you flip the Localizable property on the configuration dialog, and then switch languages and translate as necessary. Constant strings in the source goes into Project properties -> Resources. Not sure if this is how it should be done in Pdn though... You're welcome!
  14. That is explained here: http://paintdotnet.12.forumer.com/viewt ... 4136#24136 Oh, now I see it when I know that it's there (and now that it's not 1am)... That's how you do it "with hand holding", but from that you need to extrapolate that the double clicking a control will create a default event handler, that usually is some kind of value changed, and that calling FinishTokenUpdate is what tells the pdn that something has changed. I'd probably say something along the lines of "you need to call FinishTokenUpdate whenever a configuration option changes in order for preview to work properly". The "problem" with you posting CodeLab code was that it was not the effect code that was buggy, it was the UI "integration" with the effect code, and CodeLab code doesn't have that part... But anyway it works now. Another gotcha that I hit, that might be good to spell out in the plugin tutorial was the fact that you need to do dstArgs.Surface[x, y] = srcArgs.Surface[x, y]; if you aren't modifying a particular pixel. Done thanks, no problem!
  15. yes, I know, and I *think* that way (the original way that is) is correct 'terminologically speaking'. However, I see that the way you say is probably more intuitive for Joe User, so I uploaded a version where the Vertical produces vertical stripes.
  16. Well, I was unsure of which way it should be. It depends on what you think describes the orientation. I visited http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Interlace and got the impression that "normal" interlacing is vertical so...
  17. sure, just make sure you use the version posted minutes ago...
  18. I already did. No you didn't, you rolled your own. Your attitude isn't helping anyone (especially considering this is my first publicly released plugin), and isn't exactly increasing my eagerness to make any new plugins. That said, I did manage to fix the preview issue with a little Reflector help.. (How was I to know that I needed to call FinishTokenUpdate on every value change?) A new version is online, also with horizontal option
  19. Why spoil the fun? Anyway, turns out I didn't realize you had to write every pixel in dstArgs even if it didn't change. Fixed version is online.
  20. Hmm, I'm unable to reproduce that behavior if I understood you correctly
  21. BoltBait made me realize it's hard to get help without posting source so... http://koti.mbnet.fi/tunedude/pdn/InterlaceSources.zip
  22. I just created a interlace plugin, that adds horizontal/vertical stripes of configurable width and "color" (primary/secondary/transparent) to the image. Plugin: Download Sources: http://koti.mbnet.fi/tunedude/pdn/InterlaceSources.zip English, with Swedish and Finnish localization available. Version history: - reordered OK/cancel buttons to be in line with the rest of the software
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