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  1. Thanks! Where do I find the upload feature people are talking about? I'm able to enter translations manually, but I don't have the File menu in the translation UI.
  2. I would suggest a list of localizations, easily accessed from http://www.getpaint.net (and/or in Paint.NET as Myckel suggested), so that users don't have to search the forum to find a localization for their language. As it is right now, localization threads in the forum are mixed up by other threads that is not related to specific localizations, and at least I don't find that very user friendly (Of course I would prefer the localizations to be included in the installer, but I fully get your point not to include them)
  3. Localization updated to Paint.NET version 3.20. Links in first post
  4. A word from the translator: Some help would be appreciated: There is support for a new file format in Paint.NET, namely DirectDraw Surface. Unfortunately I have barely no knowledge of DirectDraw stuff, and thus I have difficulties to find propriate translations for strings regarding this. All these strings are located in the dialogue, showed if you choose to save an image as DDS. If you have some ideas how things should be translated, please report in this thread. If you think some strings are correctly translated, please report it anyway ;-)
  5. Now there is ;-) I sort of forgot to upload the updated translation :?
  6. Okay . Version 3.08 of Paint.NET only contains a number of bug fixes since version 3.07, and I doubt there are any new strings to translate. The current version of the localization works fine in 3.08 too. Just download the installer, run it and then you hopefully should be able use Paint.NET in Swedish :wink:
  7. Is it the Swedish localization of Paint.NET or Tunedude's Interlace plugin you have in mind? :?
  8. Localization updated for Paint.NET 3.05 (translation revision 13). Links in first post. Comments are appreciated!
  9. Hi Jugalator, I appreciate your effort to proofread the translation. Then over to your suggestions: I have replaced the "bildp." abbreviations with "px" in this case, but I will probably keep "bildpunkter" as translation of "pixels" as unit, for the reason that "bildpunkter" sounds more Swedish in my ears. Both are accepted terms by Swedish Computing Terminology Group. "Lägga över" is now replaced with "Överlägg". The reason to why I chose to translate it in this way, was simply that I wanted that all styles of the same pattern should come next to each other in the list of pattern (they are ordered alphabetical). That will not be changed, but I have added a comma for all the pattern with multiple sizes. To me too. Fixed Neither do I. Corrected in new revision Well, the word "resultat" may not be essential at all, since they are located in the form the way that the user knows which one that belongs to input and output histogram. The translations are now simply "Svart punkt" and "White punkt". Comment it if you don't like it! I have replaced it to your suggestion with some doubt. The word "Fartränder" gives me a better clue of what the effect actually does, than "Rörelseoskärpa", but if that is the common translation, it will be used here as well. And once again: thanks for your help! The new revision of the translation may be downloaded in the first post in this thread.
  10. Well, I'm not sure if it makes it more clear, but you may have a point that "lägga" does not mean to cover the background as much as "täcka", so I replaced "Täcka över" with "Lägga över". Download new revision here. Thanks for your help Yzmo!
  11. Thanks for your post, Yzmo! I have taken your suggestion into consideration, but my conclusion was that your translation of Overlay is not entirely proper. Motivation: "lagring" is not, in this context, a form of "lager", rather "lagra", which gives it a different meaning (may sound like it refers to the way the layer is stored in the file). However I agree with you that "Täcka över" may not be an ideal translation, but due to the lack of suitable Swedish equivalences, I don't have a better translation for the moment. Feel free to comment my opinion.
  12. Translation updated to Paint.NET 3.0 Release Candidate 1. See links in my first post.
  13. Thanks again! I've now updated the translation with your suggestions. However I changed your first suggestion a bit to "Färgbelysning", but please comment that, if you don't think it's a proper translation. The links are still the same as in my first post.
  14. Thanks for your help Fluorescent79! I have uploaded updated versions of the localization files (same links as in my first post).
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