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  1. you could make a screenshot with "PRINT" and then past and cut it how you like --> :Crop:
  2. do you? ok I cheated, my old sig was the original pic
  3. wow your first pic looks very realistic, the colors might be a little too bright but still realistic
  4. the chrome tutorial is awesome 8) i dont know whether blue chrome existes but it's cool :wink:
  5. well it depends on how you understand the request... my result:
  6. thats easy, just use 2 layers, the background is your football clubs tartan. then you have to make a new layer, color the layer with any coler. now change the blending mode to overwrite and write with transparent text...
  7. thats important^^ if you do that it will work :wink:
  8. I used some cloudes, darken, then the curves and at least the Oil Painting effekt to get this:
  9. and another result: [/img]
  10. Nice Plugin, you can make a grate Fireball with it:
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