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  1. well I am trying to grab peoples attention when they look at it so i figure if I put some action pictures and some bright colors They might check out the site
  2. Thats pretty good I will swap out the text with something a little less scary like and see how it looks
  3. well this is what i have so far all I need to find is a quad with a trail of dust behind it so I can fade some words into it then I will be mostly done
  4. Well I am an ATV rider and i am trying to make a flyer to hang at local tracks and riding areas. Still trying to fill in some blank space so if any one has any suggestions I am sure they would be helpful. Thanks for all the help!
  5. Thats the one I am trying but i am having a hard time trying to get it to install
  6. ok I guess I should of been more specific on what I am Trying to achieve. What i am trying to get is words that look like they are made out of mud with some dripping off the bottoms of the letters. I went to dafont.com and made some letters but how do I get them into paint.net? thanks
  7. OK I am new to paint.net and am having trouble trying to get the effect i want. What I am Trying To do is get some words to look like they have mud splattered on them. Is this even possible? I tried searching and didnt find any thing. Thanks in advance!
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