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  1. The only problem is, now the alpha levels are all the way high. That file that I gave you is a texture file for a game, and the alpha translates into shininess when ingame. Which means that the items that use that texture are now extremely shiny. Hmm...
  2. As it seems I can't upload dds or tga files on the forum, I uploaded it on FileFront. http://files.filefront.com/costumes6dds/;9882879;/fileinfo.html
  3. Mybad. But upon extensive searching it appears Paint.net does not support alpha channels at all. That's what I wanted to know.
  4. Does Paint.net have a specific alpha channel? Because when I go to open a DDS file (one with an alpha) all that will show up in PDN is the alpha channel, while actual image seems to have vanished. This is rather frustrating, as it means I have to use a different program to grab the alpha off before I take the image into PDN, and then put it back on again after I'm done with it. And if it isn't a feature, is there a Plugin that does this? I searched but came up with nothing definite. Thanks.
  5. Bingo. I just disabled Screen Capture Professional and it works now. Now that I think about it, it always stopped working when I turned it on. Thanks.
  6. No, that's not my problem unfortunately. I can go and copy anything (Even hitting Ctrl+A), but when I hit past, no matter if I use the shortcut, the one on the pull down tab or anything, it always says the the clipboard does not contain any images. I had to restart my computer to get it to work, but then it stopped working after a while so I'll have to restart again if I want it to work. It's rather annoying.
  7. Alright, this is a problem that I've had on and off ever since I started using Paint.net: The paste feature doesn't work. I copy something, either in or outside of PDN, but when I go to paste in PDN it says 'The clipboard doesn't contain an image'. It was working fine last night, but when I took my computer out of standby this morning it gave me that again. An interesting thing is, it seems that when paste works the Tolerance bar doesn't work. It just shows whatever was last on the screen in where the bar is. Is this just the nut behind the wheel?
  8. I had an image that I had taken the background out of because I wanted to use it as a silhouette, but when I saved it, it filled the background with white. Any help?
  9. It stays the same if you hold down shift while you drag. same for making an kind of shapes.
  10. Yes!!! You are my hero! Thanks a ton!
  11. Is there a resize function that doesn't resize the whole canvas? I want to select a part of a new layer and shrink it, but I find no way to do it without resizing the whole thing in a new project and pasting it into the one I want it in. Thanks.
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