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  1. Hi and thank you. I got it installed. However I have a question. Do those center lines stay there? or are they invisible? I am just wanting to use them as a ruler guide but not actually show in the graphic? looks like they are part of the image?
  2. Hello, would someone be so kind as to let me know the instructions/steps to install the Install_centerlines.bat file so I am able to use this add on in please? thank you.
  3. Sorry I have to rant for a quick moment. Why does keep logging me off every 30 minutes and then my password does not work? then i reset my password to the same password I already had???? then I am able to get back in with the same password that I reset each time? what the!!!??? sorry , very frustrating... Anyway, Ive been trying to download the plugin from Remake, once I download and extract it all I end up with is are 2 files, a centerlines.dll, and a Install_centerlines.bat?? any help, much appreciated...
  4. hi all and thanks for the replies and help. But im lost lol So which if any of these is an add on that will work with and do you have the link for the add on? thank you..
  5. hi all, is there some type of ruler or tool that can show you the center of your canvas? like a horizontal and vertical line? I know there is the ruler but that only shows measurements on the outer edge. thanks so much in advance. I attached an image example of what im looking for in a ruler.
  6. please disregard, im just posting this pic for someone else to take a look at.
  7. 33 years as of yesterday for us.... oh thats like our favorite temperature, its like 50's here and gray with rain ;(
  8. oh ok I will try that , thanks so much. I liked your grey chicken :). Longboat key, Florida? how is the weather there? we live in Seattle, and today is very cold, gray and typical rainy day could use warm sun:)
  9. oh ok, yes it looks very similar to what I have now, so I think its probably ok. Once I have saved the image are you able to modify the color? like from the gray, to another color? or do I have to do a new image again?
  10. ok thanks guys, got that figured out. The image I am adding the shadow to is all white, so what I'd like to do is have it feather in so you can't see any inside edge. I'm noticing an edge near the center, is it possible to feather it into the white?
  11. HI, how do you adjust the shadow image to the same size as the image your trying to add the shadow to? right now the shadow is smaller than my image and I don't see any handles or any way to adjust?
  12. Hi all and thanks for all the help. Now that I have the Inset box shadow, is there a good video tutorial on how to use it properly?
  13. Thanks, it did get installed, I didn't know where to look for it,
  14. Hi, there is no longer term for me, I'm not a designer, first time I've had to use it within this year. I'll try toes download or if that doesn't work maybe just pay fiver.
  15. hi, I am and tried downloading installing it but it didnt work. I just simply need to make the outside border