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  1. To be honest i think i liked the old icons a bit more. Maybe it's just something to get used to but some of the new tool icons seem a bit too colorful now, like the shapes tool, while others are a bit harder to distinguish what they do/represent, for example the eraser or the recolor tool. In those cases the old ones seemed to their job a bit better imo.
  2. The AV in question is windows defender, and this didnt happen before the latest update. Dont get me wrong, im not using 100's of addons, i actually recently went trough and deleted a good chunk of them, but the problem is still there
  3. I recently noticed a decline in overall startup times, that eventually gets so bad that it basically freezes indefinitely the whole program. Sometimes it freezes right away after you open it and you get the balnk canvas, other times when you try and open an image, or even when you want to save your changes, The good news is that I managed to find the culprit: addons and the AV (in my case Windows Defender). Let me explain. I first started using Paint.NET about 3 years ago and since then i've been in love with it. From time to time i like to come on the forums and see what new plugins people have made for it and eventually end up getting one or two. The problem is that i noticed a decline in startup performance with every "fruitful visit" but i scratched it off as "well, it has to load more". I think this whole problem comes from the fact that the addons are .dlls and the av freaks out when it sees you download/move/acces so many in such little time and locks everything up. And i know the AV is to blame because if i disable it everything is back to normal, so i ruled out a bad/outdated plugin that i may use. But the question remains: how can i make them play nice ? Here is a short clip showing the problem.