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  1. Definitely a tutorial to follow. :Tutorials: Man, you should have published a tutorial on this or ask somebody willing to do so. Best if its a short video tutorial AND to promote your plugin. I'll try that Cobweb. Thanks again.
  2. Those should come in very handy Red ochre. So, how's it done?
  3. That wasn't a bad technique pdnnoob. We'll have to see if we could find something that renders a more realistic firework explosion splatter though.
  4. Its about time someone publishes a tutorial on this.
  5. Hello, I still consider myself to be a Paint.NET newbie and I was wondering if anybody knows how to create fireworks. New Year is coming in less than 2 days and I want to create a greeting card for the holiday. Wanna celebrate the New Year, with a big colorful splash of colors on the virtual sky. So far, I have not yet found a way to create the classic firework explosion so can anyone help me or suggest something? Thanks.
  6. One minor request? Is it possible to have an option to disable the "dancing ants" animation? I (and others) am kinda used to a selection that does not have the dancing ants animation. Thanks for the wonderful software.
  7. That does not explain why I have not had as much delay issues with other plugins, despite my specs, except when I'm working with very huge images. I can't be sure. You might be testing this on the PDN v.4 alpha builds, not sure if you test this on PDN 3.5.11 and below.
  8. Just tried v.5.0.4. Still the same issue. Tried it on the very same object and no improvements on the speed unfortunately.
  9. Thanks for the reply. My specs are Windows 7 Starter SP1, 2GBs of RAM and an Intel Atom Processor 1.60 GHz. running Paint.NET 3.5.11. The one one your video has higher specs and was using alpha build of Paint.NET 4. Hovering the mouse over the plugin does not display its details on Paint.NET 3.5.11 unlike on the alpha build of 4.0 you are using. I did mention I was using EFX 5.0.3 but I forgot to mention that it was also the first version I tried. Here's a screenshot. I again tried it on a 218x157 object. Turns out, it would still work even inside a selection. I then tried it without any selection active in my current layer where the object is sitting. It took more than 20 seconds to process either way in both attempts. I guess my specs had some trouble handling it, really.
  10. The effect of Edge Fader Extreme is similar to that of Alpha Blur which I had just recently added after seeing one tutorial video from Yellowman. The advantage of EFX from Alpha Blur is that it does not need to be used on a selection and its somewhat easier to use. I have tried v. 5.0.3. My suggestion is a rollback of the user interface. It looked better, neater and more simplified to me when it was on version 4.x. Instead of a little preview window, it should preview on the object on the layer itself and would just undo itself when cancelled or closed. And it should have a Cancel button too. Don't know why it was taken off. The slider should have something like an "intensity" label next to it and I don't know why it looks like a horizontal scroll bar now. Like Drewdale, I also had a problem with the speed of its processing. It took maybe close to 20 seconds to blur a 280x300 object on a 800x600 canvas with a setting of 38. I am using Windows 7 SP1, on a netbook with 2GBs RAM and an Intel Atom Processor but I did not have this issue with most of the plugins I tried. I use PDN version 3.5.11. I see good potential with this plugin. Hope you'll continue to make it better.
  11. I don't get what exactly you want to happen but I assume you want the gray transparent layer to color the white background behind the Paint.NET logo (the rectangular picture with the paintbrush and sky in it) and text without actually altering the original color of the logo and text. In my attempt to do this, I used blue instead of gray and this is what I came up with. I had the logo with text on the base layer of course. I created a top layer and set its mode to Darken. On this Darken Layer, I drew a straight, blue, horizontal line at the middle. That will serve as a guide. I used the Eraser to erase any segments of the line that crosses the logo drawing and that little red gradient that is between E and T of the Paint.NET text. The fun thing with the Darken mode layer is that any color you paint here, avoids any black color on the layer below. I then used a brush with varying sizes to paint across the background which is so easy around the black text. I used very small brush sizes to carefully paint blue around the rectangular logo picture. I had to retrace the tiny "TM" text with a black pencil. I merged both layers and tada!!! Its done... EDIT: An easier way is to just draw a color-filled rectangle on the upper half of the top Darken mode layer and just use an eraser to clear out the part with the logo and the red gradient between E and T.
  12. Ishi


    I have seen only a few of your Youtube tutorials and I subscribed to your channel because I was so amazed by your talent. You are a PDN god! Mere mortals like me can only gaze upon the layers touched by your power, your grace. And yet you share to us the secrets of your magic. Many of us can only dream.
  13. If you're not too busy, why not volunteer yourself to a manga website to do some cleaning and coloring of the manga pages? Or maybe you are on your way to be one. They could always use some help. I see you have not (yet) attempted to color the skins and faces of those manga characters on that page you posted above. A light peachy color will do. I used to read manga too, finished reading some real good manga stories on sites like Mangafox but that was before I learned Paint.NET, sad that some stories never got their preceding chapters though.
  14. Is this whole logo sitting on one transparent layer? I don't know if you tried a plugin called AA's Assistant before. Its one of my favorites as it smoothens the edges.
  15. Dunno, maybe over a year with PDN but not much toying, not serious, only sometimes until last June when somebody on Facebook asked to me design a banner so that's when I became more familiar with the tools. I got serious, did my experiments with 3D art, primarily relying on stuff like Gaussian Blur, Gradients, Bevel Selection, Outline Object, Drop Shadow, Shape 3D, Clouds, Dents and AA's Assistant. Those are the things I used to create the greeting card objects. I had to manually draw a lot with a brush and the line/curve tool. I love what I did with the bell, the gingerbread and the snowman. Thought I'd impress my Facebook friends with it...
  16. Thanks for the compliment Helen. I appreciate that very well. At least, a real PDN pro noticed my greeting card and think it ain't so bad. Thought I'd make something that suits the holiday so I designed that. Merry Christmas to you too!
  17. I'd pretty much use Effects>Blurs>Gaussian Blur on any coloring where I want blurred edges. I think It'll do just fine for the spray painted effect. Here is one I did with a graffiti font and a concrete texture with the help from this Concrete Texture Tutorial If you have not yet tried the Alpha Build of paint.NET 4, I recommend you try it because it comes with a softness adjustable brush that you can use so your brush strokes have faded edges to give it that spray painted effect.
  18. I think its technically very difficult and time consuming to retrace manga drawing in Paint.NET, especially without a drawing tablet. You can paste a manga image such as that on a background layer then add another layer, select that second layer and draw the lines manually using the Line/Curve tool, with a different color such as dark blue or red and fill the gaps using the Paint Bucket then just use the Recolor tool to change the traced lines to black later on. I think you better stick with just coloring the manga pages. Maybe use a secondary top layer with either a Multiply or Darken blending mode to put the color on because they work great on coloring black and white images. You are doing pretty OK. I just did this on a doodle art I found on Facebook a few days ago. It was all black and white so I colored it. I also found a way to color the objects and characters there with a gradient so they sort of have shadings in them..
  19. I am new with Paint.NET obviously but I managed to create my own Christmas Card. I had to draw every single detail. Its 100% PDN. And Merry Christmas everyone..
  20. Thank you for your info. This is the first time I used Megalo Pack. Its just that I have not tried it before and I just tested it along with this new alpha build on my test machine. I have not yet tried the compilation of plugins that I currently use on my my main machine to my test machine with this alpha version installed. I will continue to use v 3.5.11 though until a more refined version 4 comes in. Once again, thanks for the warning.
  21. Just tried this latest alpha version. I love how smooth it runs so great job on that one mate. And yes, I love the softness adjustable brush. Only problem is that many of the plugins from the Megalo Pack would just crash.
  22. Would it be possible to add a blur brush, dodge brush in the near future? Looking forward to try this alpha build soon..
  23. Yeah, thanks for the Multiply-Color Burn-Reflect-Additive formula.
  24. Thanks. I found out about it and now my planet has a ring. I don't like using Radial Blur so I manually created 2 grayish rings on one layer, centered 2 of them together and used Guassian Blur then rotated them to an angle.
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