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  1. Simcity 4, although it doesnt exactly want to run on this old pc I just got, Perhaps I need to start scavenging for an old graphics card for it? My main PC refuses to boot from any bootmedia whatsoever, this is what I get for trying to get windows 8 running on it again. aside from SC 4, Starbound all the way!
  2. I use it mostly as a hobby and for game design. but now that I am getting used to blender i will be using it along side that for texturing models that I create.
  3. Hello everyone! It's been awhile since i was last active on the forum so it's nice to be back. Anyway I've started working with the Blender software. Liking it so far. I'll post a screenshot later once I work these arm stubs into actual arms. but for now a hard to view render. (Because I have no idea what I was doing when I hit render)
  4. Actually I did, but I had the intensity too low, since its my first time coloring faces.
  5. I typically use multiply and additive blending modes, which I think work great. but I'll keep in mind about the darken blending mode, thanks for the input. and also, wen i turn off the base layer I use as reference, if im not too messy you can still see what was going on in the manga, it's quite interesting to look at.
  6. Hey guys, I've been a long time fan of anime and manga and have recently been beginning to color manga pages, such as this partially complete page: I dont have a scanner to use atm, I was wondering how I can retrace and recreate the drawing in paint.net without using a drawing tablet. is it possible?
  7. I tried doing one of my usernames in 3D using the drawing in 3D tutorial with changes to the process. I then used the trail tool to add a shadow. For a more professional look I added a white to light gray gradient, and then I used the grid tool and angled it to match with my text.
  8. if I werent replicating another planet, woudn't it be possible to achieve this effect using only the 3D tool? anyway, here is a serious deviant that I ended up with; got really carried away.
  9. I think this would look pretty awesome if I combine the 3D objects tutorial into this. I'll be back with the results.
  10. Great Tutorial, I deviated quite a bit past getting the seperate layers to work with in place, especially with the transparency. I also added a 3D grid to make it look more like this was done in a 3D studio. This is the result of a request for someone I know on this other forum. EDIT: I tried again, the result was a huge success:
  11. weird, whenever I look out the window of say the bus I ride to and from school every day, the objects further away seem to shift less, than those that are closer. so to me it would make sense to shift the further away objects less than the closer ones.
  12. Is there a tutorial that focuses on custom made images created without a camera? Preferably something that focuses on how to individually adjust individual layers.
  13. My sigpics, in order from oldest to newest, over 3-4 month period. (Please note these are the hi-res originals, the resolution is higher to allow for higher precision with editing) 1st 2nd Latest one (Weird bug with shading letter outline.)
  14. I'm trying to upload a signature but it won't detect my image size settings. Could someone help me out here? Here is the image:
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