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  1. This is what I was looking for, Maybe now I can add some texture to these cogs I have.
  2. Simcity 4, although it doesnt exactly want to run on this old pc I just got, Perhaps I need to start scavenging for an old graphics card for it? My main PC refuses to boot from any bootmedia whatsoever, this is what I get for trying to get windows 8 running on it again. aside from SC 4, Starbound all the way!
  3. Hello everyone! It's been awhile since i was last active on the forum so it's nice to be back. Anyway I've started working with the Blender software. Liking it so far. I'll post a screenshot later once I work these arm stubs into actual arms. but for now a hard to view render. (Because I have no idea what I was doing when I hit render)
  4. I tried doing one of my usernames in 3D using the drawing in 3D tutorial with changes to the process. I then used the trail tool to add a shadow. For a more professional look I added a white to light gray gradient, and then I used the grid tool and angled it to match with my text.
  5. if I werent replicating another planet, woudn't it be possible to achieve this effect using only the 3D tool? anyway, here is a serious deviant that I ended up with; got really carried away.
  6. I think this would look pretty awesome if I combine the 3D objects tutorial into this. I'll be back with the results.
  7. Great Tutorial, I deviated quite a bit past getting the seperate layers to work with in place, especially with the transparency. I also added a 3D grid to make it look more like this was done in a 3D studio. This is the result of a request for someone I know on this other forum. EDIT: I tried again, the result was a huge success:
  8. My sigpics, in order from oldest to newest, over 3-4 month period. (Please note these are the hi-res originals, the resolution is higher to allow for higher precision with editing) 1st 2nd Latest one (Weird bug with shading letter outline.)
  9. I'm trying to upload a signature but it won't detect my image size settings. Could someone help me out here? Here is the image:
  10. Hello. My name is Michael, I'm 14 and currently living in the central U.S. my hobbies are gaming, and image manipulation via Paint.net I enjoy anything related to: *Music *Anime *Movies *TV *Computers *Japan I hope you guys treat me well ~The Mystical Burrito
  11. Great tutorial, this will be very helpful for me.
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