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  2. It's not only for critique. It's for showing as well.
  3. You may want to try @MJW's View Framer.
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  5. Hey, so I have been using for a while now and just got into plugins now. Is there a plugin that recreates what Photoshop has? (the grid align feature). I'll link an image as visual representation. Whenever I create banners etc, i'd like to have them in the same line. Social Medias, you probably get what I mean. If there is a plugin that recreates this, please link it down below. Thanks! .
  6. Nice plugin @zaya! This gives us more options for kaleidoscopes. Feathering is a nice touch!
  7. Thank you @MJW and I think you must have voted for it It was meant to denote a Busby from the Queen's Royal Guard 🤴
  8. This sounds a bit confusing. All I can think of is that you, somewhere in the process, have changed the "name" of the file you were working on - then you will get that message when you try to close it.
  9. Hi! It seems like doesn't handle something properly anymore. When I make changes from a saved image then undo it I get a warning for unsaved changes, which is not the case. Works the other way around as well. I undo something from a saved state, then re-do I also get the warning.
  10. I'm not sure how this could have happened because without the SVG plugin you can't even open a SVG let alone save it as one with PDN. So unless Yoo added the .svg extension where did that come from? If the SVG plugin is installed and it was saved correctly then it should open. Something is not right or we do not have all the relevant information. Still if it is saved as another format then Eli's solution just to remove the added extension could work.
  11. Just stunning @barbieq25! I love 'Raindrops in Winter' and 'Titanium Rain'. All are absolutely lovely wallpapers! I like @Woodsy's first has a bit more texture to it.
  12. Wow, that's so awesome and imaginative @Rickhum! But I have to wonder; what did the poor little duckies do to deserve a swim on the river Styx? 😨 Gives me the chills...a perfect representation of what hell might look like! 😱
  13. Congrats to @welshblue and @Pixey! 💐 💐 All the hats were superb! Well done everyone! Thank you @Pixey for the hosting!
  14. @zaya Thanks for the addition of feathering. The plugin did not crash this time .
  15. My post was absolutely a joke in response to the previous post, and completely unrelated to your issue. Ok, but this is still very anecdotal. Are you able to do some proper debugging with the development tools built into most browsers? (I'm not sure what your level of technical knowledge is)
  16. I don't know if the last two posts was joke or the last was a joke related to the one previously. 😉 But what I reported is that in one use case... there was no puzzle, and if I answered the expected answer, it was not allowing me to sign-up (try it yourself); maybe it expect a puzzle answer too and none show up. Then when passing through the /register URL as I said... then I got the same question + the puzzle (which was not hard for me :P) and it passed. I answered the exact same answer on both, but one would always reject all my answers, while the other one worked the first time! P.S., I just re-tested in a private-fresh-browsing-session, same result for validation that reject expected answers no matter what you input when passing through the top-right link when visiting the forum.
  17. Renaming the file without the .svg may help.
  18. Hello everyone, I'm completely new to paint as I started using it yesterday. So yesterday when I finished working on my world map image that I was editing by drawing and writing on for hours I first clicked on ''save as'' and put it with ''images'' but when I later looked at my images folder I cound't find it. And when I click on ''open recent'' on paint I that image I worked on, the name of the image ends with .svg but when I click it, it says ''the image type is not recognized and cannot be opened''. Any help would be appreciated.
  19. That assemble the image requirement was VERY hard to figure out. And there was no way to comment until I figured it out. Very frustrating. Can you just have a I am not a robot check?
  20. **Raises hand** What's the difference? EDIT - I see the difference. Never mind, insomnia.
  21. I have a laptop trackpad. While that should tell you enough about how well I can draw using a mouse, I also have wobbly hands that would not be aided in drawing by a handheld mouse or a stylus. How else could I draw? Here's an idea - drawing with the keyboard keys! Similar to using a chisel and hammer, this allows for fine detail work - exactly what suits the art I want to draw, which is pixel art. No need to use my mouse to draw a sweeping mountainscape anyways when the graphics are so small. The keyboard drawing would work on the normal cursor system. You use the arrow keys like normal to move up, down, left, and right. You will then use certain keys to either change the color of the pixel you are above, or change your primary/secondary color. My proposed controls: Up, down, left, right - move the cursor selection one pixel in the specified direction. This is already in Paint.NET, but I wanted to say it again to show how good an idea I think it is to flesh this out. X - change current pixel (the one your mouse is on) to the primary color. Z - change current pixel to the secondary color. (optional but would be appreciated) L - move the brush's primary color one left in the 96-color palette R - move the brush's primary color one right in the palette Q - move the brush's secondary color one left in the palette W - move the brush's secondary color one right in the palette Also note how the primary/secondary colours being easily usable on two keys side-by-side is useful for either outlining a shape and filling it in, adding two levels of shading into a shape that you have already outlined, or adding light and dark shading colours to a neutral color that you have already painted. If it's too hard, I can live without using keys to change what color you have selected. All I really need is using X and Z to place down primary/secondary colour at mouse location. Sorry if this is a detailed request, but no editor I've ever seen before has this - PabloDraw and Open Hamster RPG Engine's graphics editors sort of have placement of pixels using keyboard, but they have woogly proportions and size restrictions owing to them being more specific tools than Paint.NET (ASCII art maker and RPG engine). So this, if implemented, would allow for a more general-purpose usage including how Paint.NET has layers, transparent colours, and more. I don't mind if this is implemented in the main program or as a plugin. Thanks for reading all this if you got down here!
  22. Small change to the index today. I've changed the term Depreciated to Deprecated. The latter term more accurately describes the status of plugins in this category. I also removed the default check for this checkbox.
  23. Trying to get a small symmetrical circle using entire pixels (antialiasing Disabled) is rather more difficult than it seems. This post by PDN Rick Brewster explains If you toggle the antialiasing ON (from to in the toolbar) you'll get a much nicer circle BUT the width won't strictly be one pixel.
  24. Oooh nice this one! I do love how you brightened it up & the colours are so much more vibrant. This is a bit like a collab too @Woodsy. Thanks so much for sharing.
  25. I don't think I would use "Blender" and "easy" in the same sentence. Easy is a relative term. I think PDN is an easy program to use for editing photos. I don't think it's much of an exaggeration to say that Blender is about 50 times more difficult to use than PDN. It's not really a fair comparison though. It's not insurmountable either. If a knuckle head like me can do it, than anyone else can too. Here is how I'd rate programs on the difficulty scale from easy to hard: 1) image editors (easy) 2) video editors/compositors (hard) 3) 3-D programs (very hard) "Blender Guru" has an easier tutorial for beginners on making a doughnut and a coffee cup. I'd recommend you start there.
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