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  2. Please install build 7079 and see if everything's working now
  3. I believe I've fixed the issues that were preventing some images from being saved (as reported earlier). I also fixed a few things in the Save Configuration dialog that were supposed to make it into alpha build 7077, but didn't because I incorrectly merged my pull request on GitHub. The issue with the images that wouldn't save was that they had UserComment metadata in them (EXIF tag ID #37510). WIC (Windows Imaging Component) handles this in a way that my code wasn't coping with, so the data didn't round-trip correctly, and WIC decided to refuse the transaction instead. (And there was another bug: part of my wrapper was returning an error when WIC tried to send an IStream::Write() call with a 0 byte payload ... weird, probably a bug in their code, but shouldn't have broken down on my side.) Download link: (I'm adding this to the auto-updater, too ...) Change log: Fixed: Some images could not be saved as JPEG due to mishandling of some metadata Fixed some error handling in the Save Configuration dialog. An error dialog will now pop up to show the exception that occurred in addition to the usual "Preview: (error)" text that has always been shown. Fixed: HEIC/HEIF file extensions are now registered with Windows so that you can double-click on them in Explorer to open them in Paint.NET Enjoy!
  4. Closing this thread -- new build incoming
  5. @ReMake! Many thanks for the new addition.
  6. I just tried it with: Using Ellipse select tool around group of white dots Sample area size (in pixels) set to 14 Sample from: All Around Fill direction: Random It came out perfect!
  7. thanks guys for your very helpful and constructive comments. Yeah, looking for the best software which can support pressure sensitivity. Krita seems to be a great option, and it's for free 😂😂 I'm also curious to know any experience using Corel Painter 2019 or Affinity Designer
  8. Howdy, yikes, sorry the image below is so gigantore. As I said, I'm a newb. Thanks in advance for any suggestions you may have. I am slowly learning PS and other software programs, and comes highly recommended. I'm the owner of a high-end guitar pick company called Charmed Life Picks. We're based in Los Angeles and have been in business for four years, and there is a lot of demand for our products. Believe it or not, our cheapest pick is $30, and I can't make them fast enough. Here's one of our more popular models: I've been jobbing out most of the photo and design work, but want to begin to learn to do it myself. As mentioned above, the pictured product is one of our most popular models. The drilled holes are a very popular feature in the high-end pick world. Known as "grip holes," they help musicians hold onto the pick. So to my dilemma. We are introducing a new model identical to the one above, except it does not have the holes (not everyone loves them). I want to use the same photo for this new model if possible, as this is such a great image. Is there a way I can fill in the holes using PN while also matching the color patterns in the material, or is this just too much of a chore? Would it less trouble for me to shoot the new model that comes without the holes? PS has a feature called Content Aware Fill that looks like it will do the job, but I'm really disgusted with Adobe charging a monthly "rental" fee and would prefer to not to business with these people. If PN has such a feature, could someone please post a link to a vid or article that might walk me through it kinda slowly? Or just tell me to go fish and shoot the new model Sorry to babble. Thank you, SoCal Dude
  9. OK, I had been improving and perfecting my headline bars and the final results came out better than I had expected. I started using them and those results came out well and I even replaced a few recent new ones. So it was time to create some more and then one of the most basic ones(my orange one) won't pull up and also it's 2 latest creations. In the Headlines folder where I put them also the same 3 now show a FastStone placeholder graphic. When attempting to pull them up it gives this error: Application version: 4.1.6 System.ArgumentException: Parameter is not valid. at System.Drawing.Image.FromStream(Stream stream, Boolean useEmbeddedColorManagement, Boolean validateImageData) at PaintDotNet.Data.PngFileType.OnLoad(Stream input) in D:\src\pdn\src\PaintDotNet\Data\PngFileType.cs:line 114 at PaintDotNet.FileType.Load(Stream input) in D:\src\pdn\src\Data\FileType.cs:line 496 at PaintDotNet.Functional.Func.Eval[T1,TRet](Func`2 f, T1 arg1) in D:\src\pdn\src\Base\Functional\Func.cs:line 158
  10. I can breathe a little easier. When I see some of the kinds of things people are creating though...
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  12. I love the shades of pink! Very harmonious! Well done.
  13. Thank you @JulioCoolio for the nice words about my latest. Very appreciated!
  14. Great work by @Woodsy and @lynxster4, and @Pixey, too! I was pleased lynxster4 mentioned the solder. I was hoping it was clear that was the effect I was going for. My original intent was to have a leak in the pipe, between the T-joint and the valve, spraying water. I wish I could have done that, but ran out of time before I could come up with something that looked decent. In some ways, perhaps the more subdued version was better, anyway.
  15. Okay I've figured out where the problem is -- it's the EXIF metadata called UserComment (tag ID 37510). It's not being handled correctly. The image saves if I strip out that metadata tag. I should be able to fix this quickly and put out a new build shortly
  16. I have the same problem with saving in .jpg format, but only for this image. Other large images are saved without errors.
  17. Mine says 'error' when I try to save it. I can probably debug this now. Thanks!
  18. Are you caught up on all of your Windows Updates? Maybe there was a fix for WIC ...
  19. Minor changes: both interfaces (English and Russian) in one file, added Help.
  20. Maybe there is something wrong with my computer.
  21. Hi @klaxxon I downloaded your image, played with every which way and cannot get the error. It saves as both .png, .jpeg, etc. You are using Save As, right?
  22. Thanks @Pixey, but I tried the same thing as you and everything works perfectly. @Rick, Here is the file: Just open it and try to save to get the error.
  23. No, it's a crop of an image from Tesla's website somewhere iirc
  24. This is usually a problem due to some other software on the system causing a conflict. I would look at disabling anything that does something related to video or GPU, or that does anything "within" other software. Screenshot/clipping software, overclocking software, GPU monitoring software, or even (as a last resort) security software (Diebold Warsaw is the worst offender ever here -- it's called "security software" but it's legitimately spyware.) Also, it looks like you've got hardware acceleration disabled within the app, so be sure to try enabling that.
  25. Thanks! This is what I was hoping to hear!! -c-
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