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  2. Oh no! Hang in there Pixey! You got this!
  3. @XenoCow, can you try installing a slightly older version of GhostScript? or if you need 32 bit:
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  5. I too am having the "input string was not in a correct format" error. Here is an example of a file that is not working, however, I cannot find a PDF that does not trigger this error. Thank you all for your help. grid-portrait-letter-1-index.pdf
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  7. Thank you for your help. With a friend I was able to figure out that I wasn't supposed to run it from a CMD window, but from a Powershell window and type a completely different command: PS C:\Users\USERPROFILE\Desktop> .\ /createMsi did the trick. Installed 4.1.6 flawlessly with this. The problem seemed to lie in an x86 attempting to install on a x64 bit machine. This could be a useful way to debug this in the future should anyone have this issue. WINDOWS 10 exclusive bug probably, since Windows Powershell is not present on previous versions.
  8. Before issuing DOS commands, you must CD to the directory where that file exists. For example, if you put the file on your desktop, open a CMD window and type: cd %USERPROFILE%\Desktop
  9. Your command line is incorrect in at least two places. See here .
  10. Yup. I too go full Monty on the font specs in the layer title. One additional benefit: when importing as a layer the info info persists ☺
  11. Yeah, I did and that same message popped up. However, in regards to that forum post you linked, I believe I have the same issue as him. Paint.NET keeps trying to install as x86 but my operating system is x64. Disregard the above. Also try to remember that before attempting to update paint.NET, a version above 4.0.0 ran perfectly fine. I believe it was the one right before 4.1.6. Also, one thing I have noticed is that it does this fatal error after a decently longer bit of time has passed with the install attempt. If I try to re-reinstall it directly after the first fail, it does it instantly. Leads me to believe it might be something on my PC that is affecting it.
  12. Try it with the latest version. If you're still messing around with 4.0.5 that might be your trouble right there.
  13. Wish I'd done that when i first started a long term series of icon creations for a games console (emulators, apps etc). I always try to use an authentic font or fonts ie. one that was used by the original games, console or even original packaging so practically every one uses or trialed at least two different fonts. Before using that obvious and ^^ easy solution I kept copies of all fonts used in image resource packs for each icon and sometimes other fonts that I'd considered using instead but didn't too. It does not take up that much space but it is a much less sensible method. BTW I suggest that in any layer naming used it also includes the font's point size, specific name as listed by PDN and any customisation ie. italicization, emboldening and colour hex code etc. The latter can be useful if, like me, you often experiment with text colour choice and therefore the 'base' text layer colour may not be the final one used. Obviously you can save alternative coloured text trials in another layer but if they are all subtle variations precise identification can still be helpful. Same goes for the transparency setting too.
  14. I tried the /createmsi trick a few days ago, but it would always tell me this:
  15. Rick just needs to add multi-level Repeat to the Effects menu. Rather than just repeating the last effect, have 3-5 listed there that you can pick from. Handy addon!
  16. Since you always put text on it's own layer (... you do this, right?!) just put the font name in the layer's name.
  17. How should I remember which font I have used in a previously saved image? Any tips? /hans peter
  18. According to the image I posted, I clearly did.
  19. You've said that the removal tool didn't work. That used to be our go-to solution for the 1603 error during installation. Prior to the removal tool, @toe_head2001 wrote an install logger to help diagnose this problem (no longer available). Prior to that, a few users got the /createmsi trick to work
  20. Dearest Pixey, we're all thinking of you right now. Kia Kaha my friend. 💕
  21. Get well dear friend. @Pixeyif anyone can beat this, you can. Our thoughts are with you at this very trying time.
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