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  2. Hi I have to clarify I am not an artist, can't barely draw for life on paper and (if you are a trained artist) will probably notice lot of "issues" with the image light, I made a Kirby because it can be done with very basic shapes and recognizable due form-colors, and everybody loves Kirby. I made it (along other 2 images) just to try out the tools of Paint. NET and at the end I think it went good enough considering my art skills, hope you like it or let me know what I may try to do better for the next time. On image ttitle (imgur) you will
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  4. That's not a bug. I've already told you that. Stop reporting things that you know aren't bugs. The rendering engine is working exactly the way it should. Closing Thread
  5. This build fixes a crash that was seen when using Effect plugins with 8-bit indexed icons, such as @dpy's AA Assistant. It also updates the bundled AVIFFileType to, which greatly improves memory usage and fixes a crash. To get this update, make sure you have "Also check for pre-release (beta) versions" enabled in Settings, and then click on the Check Now button. (Unfortunately alpha/beta releases are not currently available for the Microsoft Store version of the app). You can also download and install this build directly: https://www.getpaint.net/files/zip/test/pai
  6. Wow @ipswichmanc your work has really gone up the chart. Great images You can put that xml in this file: Documents\paint.net App Files\Palettes
  7. I think I post too much here ... one last track before I have a few weeks off. Got to be cranked up. Fantastic track
  8. ... must have been a rush - you're looking a bit flushed
  9. Oops! Too late for the competition... I simply LOVE this image. It is a recreation of something I'd seen a long time ago...
  10. Hi @welshblue I know it's not the right place to ask but... I've been trying to install ''Sarkut's yellow gold'' on Gradient Mapping with no luck. Every time I download the zip it only has a xml doc. Any advice would be appreciated.😀 Cheers.
  11. Oops, too late for the competition... Cards.zip
  12. I run out of upvotes again; serves me right to start a discussion I'm bound to want to agree with a lot of the replies. I agree, a forced white background on each image is the best solution (if the default theme cannot be forced for the competitions sub-forum). Thank you @toe_head2001. Yes, right, my apologies for not seeing the obvious. I intended to watch the first half only and then switch to a local derby that would start an hour later. As it turned out, I only watched the second half of the local derby.
  13. One of my most favourite albums. Sounds so much better with the scratch of vinyl
  14. My wife curses you every time I play Japanese Metal 🤣 Worse things to have on your wall - I'd include Aldious amongst others to have a great music night. I read somewhere that Japanese Metal is one of the best rabbit holes to fall down Never been really big on The Pretenders, but always turn this up in the car
  15. This. Shadows are important, so to keep integrity of images etc. That said, now the Dark Theme is here, I'll view entries in both default and Dark, and take it from there. @Djisves ... thanks RE: worn cards ( how do you/ can you quote from another page into the same reply) the shadow was a big part The Hawthorns ... phew - that was a close one. Got to laugh. Silva was brought in to shore us up at the back ... right howler
  16. Congratulations everyone, great entries - great to see how everyone runs with a theme. Wide and varied. Thanks for the votes, had to chuckle my 072 was personal thing to me and was in there for fun ... surprised there was only one taker for transitioning me ... (joke. I'd be prettier 🦍 ... but seriously apologies if that entry was seen as sexist. That's really not me at all) A pleasure to view the art on display Thanks for the hosting @lynxster4 ( a lot of work)
  17. Despite the temptation of being able to use black or white backgrounds, I think that if it's possible to force all entries to show up against white backgrounds, no matter the theme, that's the best solution. It matches the original intention. (I was the one who suggested allowing gray backgrounds for the baseball theme, but I'm not sure that was a good idea.)
  18. Whoa...congrats @toe_head2001! I didn't understand Welshy's post yesterday till now. Well-deserved, as you have made innumerable contributions to the forum and PDN itself.
  19. I just sent you a PR with version
  20. Please make sure you're comparing the sizes before you've cast your votes. The entries will display at a smaller size when showing the poll results, but they should be at 100% size before that. If there's a still an issue with sizes, please take a screenshot and show us.
  21. I see two options: - I can use CSS on the Poll to force a white background for each entry. EDIT: I went ahead and made this change, since the Playing Card poll is already live. or - We can start allowing solid White/Black/Gray backgrounds. We've already done this in the past.
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