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  2. I'm not saying FIFA is corrupt but offer officials enough money and your design will be at the next World Cup As for their sister UEFA ... Baku for a Europa League Cup Final ?? 🤐 Only 12,000 tickets between both clubs for a 70,000 stadium and apparently half will be returned Definitely money over Football ...
  3. This advice isn't just for Paint.NET, whenever you are working on something in any program, make sure to save your progress as often as possible because you will lose your work to unexpected events like that.
  4. Been there - done that. @barbieq25 warned me when I first started using to Save Often!
  5. Congratulations @lynxster4 @Pixey and @MJW. I guess my ball is not allowed by FIFA . 😁
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  7. @lynxster4 @Pixey @MJW @Eli I just wanted to tell you guys how impressed I am with the renderings of the football - very very impressive - although GoalKeepers around the world will have nightmares about MJW's 😂 (dimples and latex grip = shower and soap at times ...) I also remember having a ball like Eli's. Good days. Not sure why they went so quick tho' 🤔
  8. Sadly this falls into the case of saving often ... especially before putting the computer to sleep mode Hopefully you remember the steps taken before re-start as its the only way to get your project back on track, as PDN can't open a file which essentially isn't there
  9. Hello all. Today I was working on some pictures to work (I use because of its easy using), I turned computer to sleep mode (without saving changes) and when I came to PC and run it, the blue windows 10 window flashed me and said, it needs tu restart a PC. After restarting I opened the, thinking of asking me if I want to recover files, but nothing happened. Can you please help me somehow? Thanks for reply, pantografak.
  10. Go here and install the .NET framework FIRST. Reboot. Then, try installing Paint.NET again.
  11. So I've been uninstalling all the files and reinstalling hoping that it'll work but it's not helping. I have no idea why it's not working either. After everything is finished installing it just doesn't do anything. isn't in my files only the installer. I extract the installer from the zip Then it asks me if I would like to allow it to make changes to my computer and I press yes Then this pops up and finishes Then this pops up and I click OK Then this pops up and finishes and then nothing happens. After this is done I look through my downloads and apps but isn't there only the installer. I mean it should work right? I have 8.1 Someone please help me, if i'm missing anything let me know. Thanks
  12. I used to have that problem with Google Chrome, Opera, and Firefox when I copied PNG or WEBP files, but it does no occur anymore. Could this be do fix in updates to Windows 10? I am using Windows 10 Home 64 Bit Version 1089 OS Build 17763.529.
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  14. Yeah this is gonna need some more work. Hrumph. The clipboard is just so very frustrating.
  15. I encountered this issue when testing the DIBV5 code with Google Chrome. The easiest way to reproduce it is to open Chrome and copy the Google logo on to the clipboard. The problem is that Chrome sets the DIBV5 header to indicate that there is no alpha channel when the image contains a premultiplied alpha channel. Because Chrome is indicating that there is no alpha channel there is not an easy way to fix this issue. Changing the DIBV5 code to use "Detect dishonest alpha" would break other scenarios, such as the Windows Snipping Tool black line bug that was reported here. DIB alpha channel handling is the Kobayashi Maru of Windows development.
  16. Rule #1 when it comes to plugin problems: Make sure the plugin you're using is the latest version.
  17. I am using the same version as @Seerose and it works fine. As @Seerose made it up to the point of saving - it means she must have the correct things in the correct folders? Perhaps @toe_head2001 or @BoltBait or any other computer savvy gobbledegook reader, can shed some light on the error message 😁
  18. Facebook is exactly like Mensa, but for dumb people.
  19. I tried to use the Character Map but it doesn't show up the script that @Sonya is looking for. Actually Canvas font DOES now show up in the Windows Character Map (as I saved it previously explained in an earlier post) into the Windows Font Folder. However, although I see it in the Character Map I have tried, in vain, to copy and paste to no avail as per instructions in the link here
  20. Where are you copying the images from? In order to fix this, I need to know exactly how you're getting to this happen.
  21. It is specific about using the Windows Character Map that Rick has also suggested; with the Canvas Script font that is being discused here.
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