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  1. Well thanks Beta0, Maximillian and LionsDragon. I assume those guys in the printshop use pre-amde elements on their work cause they needed it done fast but there is no denying that Photoshop has an advantage with polished fonts. I am well capable of those font styles they use on PDN but it would be a little more crude I believe. But as a PDN artist, I start from scratch and I take pride in that. As of now, I havent come up with anything yet cause when he called me days ago, he told me that the list of participants are not even complete and final yet. And I need the list so I can fit them into the canvass and see what works best. I have an outdated digital camera, served me well for almost 6 years now and so I used it on another wedding event last Tuesday as an unofficial photographer when I later had a most hilarious moment at the hall with the bridesmaid who happen to have caught the flower bouquet with maybe 3 dozen people present. I have traced out selected flower images from the photography into PNGs that I plan to use on the card. @LionsDragon You are very right with vector graphics. They are well too smooth and fine for us to replicate on PDN. Their neatness is such a must have for design.
  2. Yes, the soft brush with varying opacity is a great tool. I think its potential is underrated. I like how 3Dish you made the shadows and highlights with the simple step. This is a forerunner to digital painting in Paint.NET. What the technique was able to achieve on your daughter's picture makes me think of an impressionist painting.
  3. @Beta0 Yes, like the "brochure" link you just posted. That's what I am most likely to do if I actually got to design it because its very simple and I have done that before in MS Publisher. However I had the feeling, that they might have somebody else design it. I didn't feel good about myself because those guys in the printshop seem to be doing a more polished product with Photoshop.
  4. @Beta0 I have made some birthday cards before, shown on my gallery but I suppose my collage and bright-colors design is too cheesy now to begin with. I wanted something new as if it were done by another artist yet professionally competent. So I went to a print shop today and inquired, pretending to be interested by their work but actually picked up a few ideas and about what we could expect with the price range. I think I should settle with 8.5x11 as I only need to design two pages for the front and back which you could then fold into threes. A bunch of scented, design embossed, peach colored paper should do the trick even more. Then they should probably find some people with fine dexterous hands to do the ribbon cutting to wrap the cards as if they were presents. But I saw the guys in there working with Photoshop. They had these layouts, well fitted and very clean looking fonts. I did not feel good about myself. Some very useful Info there @Maximilian. I did not even know about the Flourish plugin. I will try it now.
  5. Thanks for the advice Beta0. I did not know there was a setting in MS Publisher that converts the printing method to CMYK which most if not all the print shops in our town use. Some useful links by the way. Most if not all of them do not use Publisher so if I intend to have something printed I'd just bring a 300 dpi PNG because its possible to make Publisher export your finished work into a PNG or even a PDF that I once did on a document that was printed on one of those shops. I guess I could sort out the paper size later. Perhaps a design and layout suggestion would be great for now. Thanks.
  6. I have been to a printshop and will check another. I pretended to be inquiring things but I'm actually trying to get an idea. I was hoping that someone had something much better in mind and I don't want to start from pre-made templates. Also, these guys use Photoshop so they are of another graphics religion. I was thinking, I either do it all on PDN or its a PDN+MS Publisher combo as I have gained some skill with that underrated program as well and export it to a 300 dpi PNG for maximum quality.
  7. Hello there, so my mate asked me to design a wedding invitation card for him so I kept asking him about the paper size to which he replied last night that its up to me. I want to create a unique wedding invitation card and I want it to be purely PDN and he told me that they're on a peach color motif. I want every single element to be PDN and if I were to use some decorative images, I would want to pull them from the images I took myself. Well I have to download a third party font suited for the design though. So can anyone suggest something very neat and elegant and also the ideal paper size? I also want to have filigrees in it entirely PDN. If I had time, I want it rather a bit ambitious because this guy's a real close friend to me. Thanks.
  8. I do experiment with different blendning modes, sometimes one blending mode on top of the other. I like adjusting the layers to various opacities so the overall effect they have becomes more subtle and not too imposing (for example, some blending modes can make the image too saturated). For the work that I have done, I think Multiply and Overlay with various opacities have done a great deal for me. I'm also quite dependent on the Curves/Curves+ and Levels tools to get the tone, shadows, midtones and highlights adjusted till my eye like them.
  9. Quite an obscure gem. ☼♪
  10. @Seerose That is one of the must-have songs in my playlist along with other Archies songs. Just listening to another 60's tune. ♫♫
  11. Are you copying images from a web browser into Paint.NET? This "not enough memory" error occurred to me one evening when I already have PDN v4.0.13. Some others have seen this problem too. A solution was proposed that if copying images from a web browser such as those from Google Images, click on the "View Image" first, so the full image gets loaded unto a page before you right click-copy it to Paint.NET and this way, you might just not have the "not enough memory" error. Look at the latest posts of this recent thread about the same issue. And welcome to the forums!
  12. Yes, this is a good use of the Frosted Glass effect. It creates a grain effect (other than the Noise>>Grain plugin) or even what I call a "dissolving" effect which I have repeatedly exploited myself. I am in the opinion that the Frosted Glass effect is underrated or often overlooked.
  13. For something like your example, you could use Clouds of 2 shades of light orange as your primary and secondary colors with around ~70 Scale and around ~0.75 Roughness. And now for the frost. Make your primary color white and your secondary color transparent (just make the transparency value 0). Create a 2nd layer and on that layer, try to render Clouds once more. Again with low Scale and considerably high Roughness settings. Optional: Apply a blur of the 2nd layer or lower its layer opacity where you made the frost. Flatten the layers.
  14. Art Nouveau seems like a very elegant theme thanks to the link by Pixey, showing posters of what I assume to be illustrations of women on the late 1800s. They are somewhat comparable to Mary Cassatt flat-color paintings, inspired by Japanese art that I read about in my opinion. I would love if I can make one but too much work for me to achieve what I had in mind, especially that I imagined if I could model it from someone rather special that I also wish would celebrate Valentines Day with me. I'm not motivated at the moment to try it or even start a canvass just to see how it could play out.
  15. You have good taste in drummers. :)


    1. Ishi


      Couldn't have a good taste in drummers if I couldn't drum myself. :D In fact, I was just holding my pair of drumsticks before replying to this. LOL. 

    2. LionsDragon


      I hear that! Need to replace my bodhran unfortunately, but.... Drummers rule!