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[request]Something similar to grey rotation in oriens gold

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Hello everyone !!!

I am currently searching for an effect on Paint.net that could resemble to Oriens Gold's grey rotation tool ....



Note this is not just a black and white tool so if anyone here have tested this effect and could help me that could me great as you can come up with pretty wild effects ...


Oriens Gold (freeware ) can be downloaded for free here :

http://www.sofotex.com/Oriens-Enhancer- ... L9234.html

Note from Oriens website :

'Oriens Enhancer GOLD' Edition is version 2.6 and is freeware, but is no longer available or supported .

But I would like to use this kind of tool inside Paint.net as it supports layers , for those who would like to test it it is in the colour section .

Thanks for your time !

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Use. Gradient. Map.

Works better if you blur about 1px...


I figure I should explain myself....

Wrap and Offset are key when trying this effect. To emulate the "Steps" setting I guess you could increase the number of black to white jumps in the gradient bar.



Take responsibility for your own intelligence. 😉 -Rick Brewster

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