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How to soften layers edges

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Hello to everyone in the community !

I am new to PainT.net I have downloaded here some plugins , but I haven't found yet a tool that will allow me to soften the edges of the layers I am creating .

I am sure this question has been asked a numerous number of time but I didn't found any relevant thread .

I just want to apply a smooth or soften effect with my mouse like I would do with a gentle paintbrush not on the entire layer but just on the edges when needed ...

If any of you could sort me out , that would be really kind of you !!

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First of all , thank you for your quick answers , I should have added an example as English is not my mother language .


Here what I am trying to do , just note that I just made it as an example , and really quickly , so let's all pretend I have well cut my layer here Albert Hoffman (RIP ) .

I just pasted it on a field background for the purpose of the test , I am not caring here about the realistic aspect of the scene , the difference of lighting source origins ...

Even if cut my layer with great precision using a great zoom ,the edges of my layer will always seem too sharp .

In the solutions you gave me the Soften Edges was the closest solution to what I expected .

(In fact I had already downloaded this plugin but as I had downloaded as much plugins as I could , it was pretty hard to know where to find the good ones )

I am pretty sure it can meet most of thee needs , but I would prefer not a global effect on the layer but much more a tool like paint brush ...

The sort of thing you have in Gimp for the blur/sharp tool ...


If you know or have tips or how to achieve this task only on certain parts of the layer , that would be great !

And by the way thank you all again !

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Ok I will try your googlepage , feather plugin ----> viewtopic.php?t=2498

It seems closed to what i wanted , will try it and will get you updated !!!

By the way do you know if there is any plan of Gimp to Paint.net conversion ?

I am just asking that as I don't find the photoshop conversion plugin really good and I have some friends that give me some photoshop files ...

For the moment PhotoFiltre has been of great help but they don't have layers support so it is useless ...

Well that was just my dose of extra chat , will try this feather plugin , considering the screen shot it is kinda what I was looking for ...

One other digression , I think Paint.net would greatly benefit in having more brushes tool shapes and options .

Unfortunately I can not help with making plugins , but I am spreading the message :

http://www.samplestation.net/paint-net- ... 19040.html

See you later everyone !!

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