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import dwg-files (or dwf)

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import dwg-files (autocad and such)

- keep layers intact

- add layer hierarchy (make sure that the picture is not generating every layer each time but only the group layer for performance purposes)

- keep files as vector

- merge layers


i am using paint.net as a free tool to comment drawings (for planning/ work follow-up)

i tried a lot of the programs but this isthe most efficient tool for me.

however i have some problems. to import a drawing so that it is still readable i need to create a picture that has a resolution of 3500 x 2500 which is huge to work with.

considering that i have easily 15 to 25 layers, my pagefile is growing larger that 3500 mb. and i have 3 gb of ram at my disposal!

now i figure that if you would work with vector grafics directly imported from dwg file that the file could be a lot smaller, lowering the load of my computer.

if you figure to implement this feature, i could help with testing it

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I know for a fact that Pyrochild is working on an SVG import plugin. But it would probably be a little while before smaller Rastor image formats such as CDW and DWG make it in there. Why? Because going from Rastor to Bitmap is like trying to turn a cat into a dog. very rarely do you even come close.


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