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macro buttons

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would it be possible to add an extra window with buttons that you can customize?

e.g. i want a button that

- selects line tool with line thickness of 5 and color red

- selects line tool with line thickness of 50 and color blue

- selects text tool color yellow, font X, weight Z

to add a setting to a button

- add a button to rightclick menu when a figure is being created

- "add these settings to macromenu" or "add as SIMBA"

- open/focus (symba)window with overview of the buttons

- layout of button: tool, color, line weight

make the macro window have functionality like http://www.symbaloo.com/ for easy selection or deletion or adjustment of properties

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Hello! Welcome to these forums! But you need to read the Rules.

A. Please use SearchPaint.NET before posting because this has been asked over and over again. It is planned functionality for Paint.NET v4.0 (Not confirmed, but planned)

B. No polls outside of the Overflow. We are in General Discussion.

C. You may want to look into Pyrochild's plugin ScriptLab. While it isnt everything you are looking for, it will give a lot of control in making scripts.


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Yup! It's requested, and if you'll look at the roadmap, you'll see that Rick is already considering it.

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