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I just don't get it

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Hello there,

I am new paint.net and to this fourm. I have read through the help stuff and just can

not for the life of me figure out how to perform these two functions. I know this might be

easy stuff for most people but it is turning out not to be for me. If you can tell me how to

do these things it would be great. Remember I am just a beginner at paint.net.

1) I just want to take one image and place it onto another image. So I have one image

with both images. In other words, a image of a dog needs to be placed on to a image of

a backyard standing in the grass.

2) Need to figure out how to take a color within a image and use that custom color for another

object within another image.

I know this may be very simple for most users to do but I am just not getting it after trying to do

these two things after several hours. Just about to give up and move on to another program.

I don't want to because it seems that paint.net could be a very good program to get to know how to

use correctly to do these simple things.

Thanks in advance for you help.


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Hello starfire. Welcome to the forums, you may want to read the rules, your title is too generic.

For your first problem, I recommend you cut out the picture of the dog from its background using this tutorial.

Next, open your backyard grass image and create a new layer ( :AddNewLayer: ), and then paste your dog onto this layer.

As for your second problem, I'm afraid I'm not quite so sure what you mean. Could you provide examples?

Call me expired. Please.


Don't go counting your chickens before the pack of rabid ravaging foxes attacks. -Sozo
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get off it sabrown not every problem is a major program change.

if it its only a little small area all one solid color all the person has to do is take the eyedroper :ColorPicker: left clik on the color he wants and then set the :MagicWandTool: and set toleance to 0 left clik area he wants to change. use paint brush, or bucket fill the other color.

if you need a more complicated picture with shading etc. done post in the image hospital with details of what you exactly require, and someone will try to help you out more fully.

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Here is an example of what I think they are trying to do based on the short description of the second issue:

You have a picture with both a car and a girls face in it. You want the eye color of the girl to match that of the car.

I would use the color pick to determine the hue of the car and then use conditional hue/saturation to adjust the color of the eyes to match.

If I was working with a target region that was too desaturated for conditional hue/saturation, I would just use the paint brush with the color of the car and draw over the area on a separate layer and then change the layer's blending mode to overlay(?) or something else that works fro my particular circumstance.

Let me know if this doesn't make sense...

P.S. It's interesting to see oma binging the claws! lol


Take responsibility for your own intelligence. 😉 -Rick Brewster

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Thanks Guys,

With your answers I was successfully able to accomplish both of my tasks. Great help here on this fourm.

The answers and the links to help files did the trick. Now that I know how to do these things it makes

since to me. Just needed to be pointed in the right direction. Life is Good!

Also in the future I will not make my title too generic. Thanks for telling me about that.



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