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Broken Effect

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Hey guys,

Well First of all, yeah I new to this forum, but please dont treat me like a noob.

I have been experimenting with paint.net and really loving it. I have make band logo's band layout, and a lot of more things just for the band.

This is because I am in a band (Bleed For Glory)

but right now we want to make our first ablum and the guys asked me for something thats really hard to me to do.

So I am asking you guys for help.

Is there a way with paint.net that I can give a face this effect:


Or something just like this?

and could you tell me how.

I am ready thank you for reading this.

Please help me out.

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OK, much better title.

What you'll need is a PdN file with two layers. The base layer, you need the image of the brokeness...

Then, on the top layer, you need the picture of the face. Desaturate the face (Adjustments > Black and White) then adjust the blending mode of the layer (F4) for desired effect.

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