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Rotate text vertical/Paintspray effect.. how-to?

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I'll try this again since the last post got locked..

Okay, i've been using paint for a few weeks now, espcially the last week or so creating a book cover for my moms book. Now the question I have, everywhere I look and try on the program, I can't find a simple way to rotate the text for the spine of the book. I want the text rotated where its up and down vertical (the image is book cover, spine and back cover as 1 image), but everytime I try, the entire image gets flipped. I just want the text flipped. How do you do this?? its driving me crazy trying to find a answer to such a easy task. Also, how do you soften the paintbrush tool? When using it, its solid and the options I have are nothing for making it soft. I need to use a paintspray effect but a soft look.

Any suggestions would be very helpful!! Thank you!

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