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  1. Maybe. :oops: (Haven't been on the forums for a while. ) It would look better if you could put twisted metal on it.
  2. Awesome, all we need now is a bullet hole tutorial.
  3. Okay, I'll try that, thanks. I didn't know there was an update, thanks.
  4. I've worked through the tutorial fine, it's an awesome result, but how do you get the brush size 500, mine only goes up to 250. :?
  5. Try puting the text on a separate layer, and then: Selecting around the text, and hold the right mouse button to rotate the image. Also click on Layers --> Flip Horizontal/Vertical Hope this helps
  6. That's a shame, it appears quite a lot in Photoshop tutorials which could otherwise be easily adapted to Paint.Net. I suppose the blur trick will do, thanks anyway.
  7. Thanks, BoltBait, I thought there must be a way. You don't think this could be made into a plug-in do you? I have no idea how they work. =P I also "amazingly" found out that you can you the "Feather" blur set to shrink, and then use similar steps, but with a ahigh tolerance on the magic wand.
  8. I meant with an irregular shape, such as a letter. :wink:
  9. Well do you think she'd like it? I can't give much advice since I don't know what style she likes. :wink:
  10. Would it be possible to create an Adjustment allowing the user to shrink/expand the selection? Here is a screenshot from Photoshop if you don't understand: Thanks for your time Timjones
  11. Will I have to download it again to receive the upadtes?
  12. EDIT: Forget this post, I've downloaded it. :oops:
  13. Well, I heard a comedian named Tim Jones a couple of years ago. He was pretty funny; I just thought there was an off-off chance you might be him. Oh well. Celebrity moment will have to wait until later :-) Glad you like the program anyway! Tim Jones is a popular name. Anyway, thanks for the help guys. :wink:
  14. Why? Anyway, I'm not a stand-up comedian, but I do like to joke.
  15. Is there a way you can easily outline text? When I try and use the effect "outline" it doesn't quite work... Could someone help me, please? Thanks.
  16. Mine is? Sorry, I thought there would be limit not allowing you to have it too big. :oops: EDIT: Sorry about the fuss, everyone. I finally managed to fix it. Thanks a lot everyone!! Once again, I'm truly sorry.
  17. I have, but I'll try again. Do you have a direct like for the download? If you do, could you give it to me...just incase I have the wrong thing. :oops:
  18. Thanks for your help, but I'd allready done that and the "Shape 3D thing isn't in the "effects" tab thing. Could you post another picture showing where it is in Paint.net, please. Once again, thanks for your help. :wink:
  19. I've downloaded it into "effects" folder, but I can't find the thing on Paint.net!! :x Can someeone please help me? Thanks.
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