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Wanted: a .dds colour conversion feature for texturers

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Forgive if this has already been asked for or indeed done, but I am dearly wishing for a feature to cut down hours and months of work of retexturing skins, landscapes and items for games, I am a huge fan of Oblivion and I recently got into modding for the game and I found that I rather like it, however sometimes retexturing a item or skin for a custom race or item is needed and using a preexisting mesh and just altering the texture on it to a different base colour etc is all that is required.

I am very new to texturing .dds files and it's a trial and error thing at the moment but if one could make a plugin where when opening a .dds file a choice to auto texture and given a multi colour wheel to choose the colour or the option to do it by hand - where it's currently at could be impentmented.

For those of us who love to do artwork but are not good artists despite many trys and stuff this feature would make our modding lives very happy for instance to make a orc skin which is based on green with this feature one could choose perhaps red or purple and adjust the shade so many great new races can and would be made with so much ease.

Sounds lazy and it would be but we all have real life responsibilitys such as work and kids, family and having this feature would make my busy life with my Mr 2 so much easier.

A one touch of a mouse click retexture sure sounds great to me.

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Ok, well I shall try, here's a totally hand painted texture for a winged twilight male me and Nanook are currently making it took weeks although Nanook is an exprienced texturer,

Link removed by Rick: That isn't appropriate for this forum. Please crop things better next time.

Here's the pic of the dark seducer where the above skin was based upon.

A bit of imagination is required for my idea, try and picture the below skin on the dark seducer male in this pic below with a base colour of a light reddish colour and the shading of his muscle a slightly darker red like it is on the skin you see below. The same thing could be applied to a black armour and repainting it a light blue.

http://i131.photobucket.com/albums/p320 ... xample.jpg

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