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  1. I've got a problem with the Colour Match.dll I have downloaded and installed correctly, this happened after I updated the paint.NET before it was working perfectly, now as soon as I bring up that option it crashes CTDS soon as I try to point the file path to the picture I want the colour to match. Here's the pdn crash details. This text file was created because Paint.NET crashed. Please e-mail this file to crashlog@getpaint.net so we can diagnose and fix the problem. Application version: Paint.NET v3.5.3 (Final Release build 3.53.3690.27077) Time of crash: 24/02/2010 3:08:00 p.m. Applica
  2. How about normal mapping and glow maps? The .dds feature is superb but it is useless without the normal mapping to be able to add the .dds as a texture for a game. Most modders use GIMP or Adobe Photoshop because of the .dds needing to be mapped to correctly look great ingame. I love Paint.NET it's ease of use is superb only complaint I got is there is no way of normal mapping a .dds texture for my modding. Let me show a example of the map I talk of: Photobucket won't upload .dds only reason I changed it to jpeg format. The top is the Angel wings for a wearable angel wings ingame clothin
  3. Ok, well I shall try, here's a totally hand painted texture for a winged twilight male me and Nanook are currently making it took weeks although Nanook is an exprienced texturer, Link removed by Rick: That isn't appropriate for this forum. Please crop things better next time. Here's the pic of the dark seducer where the above skin was based upon. A bit of imagination is required for my idea, try and picture the below skin on the dark seducer male in this pic below with a base colour of a light reddish colour and the shading of his muscle a slightly darker red like it is on the skin you see
  4. Forgive if this has already been asked for or indeed done, but I am dearly wishing for a feature to cut down hours and months of work of retexturing skins, landscapes and items for games, I am a huge fan of Oblivion and I recently got into modding for the game and I found that I rather like it, however sometimes retexturing a item or skin for a custom race or item is needed and using a preexisting mesh and just altering the texture on it to a different base colour etc is all that is required. I am very new to texturing .dds files and it's a trial and error thing at the moment but if one could
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