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How do I put a picture in my tutorial?

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If you need to show things like toolbar settings:

To take a screenshot of what your screen currently shows, press the Print Screen key on your keyboard. This copies the screen content to the clipboard. In Paint.NET or another raster image editor, create a new image of the same resolution as your screen (for example, 1024 x 768 pixels) and press [Ctrl]+[V]. This will paste the screenshot onto the canvas. Crop the image down to the relevant information and save the image.

If you just need to show the current version of the image:

Save the image with the name of the step in a web-friendly format such as JPG or PNG. You'll have to flatten the image to export it, so press [Ctrl]+[Z] to undo this and continue working on it once it's been saved.

Once you have the images, follow this tutorial to upload the image to an online image hosting service and include that image via BBCode in your post:


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Sorry , dont want to be rude but ,

you got 2 post and your already posting a tutorial ?

but anyway good luck :)

i wanna see the outcome :wink:


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