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Lost My Paint :(

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Well, My computer need a system restore. So I restored it, and after restoring my computer, I tried to open my Paint.Net. I could not open it because it said I needed the Network Frame 2.0 . I tried to download that but could not. So I again tried to download Network Frame 3.0 . Same result :( . I tried to delete my Paint.net . I was able to delete the Icon, but it said I need to remove it from my add/remove program. I check in my add/remove program but it was not there. So as of now, I am stuck Paint.NET less and can't make sigs because the only program I know how to use is Paint.Net. Can Anyone help me?

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Stop being a grammar nazi! You know what he means! He means he can't open PDN!

He's not being a grammar Nazi, he's saying that Could Not is extremely vague and he needs to be far more specific when explaining his problems if he expects anyone to help him. Nothing to do with grammar at all.


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Stop being a grammar nazi! You know what he means! He means he can't open PDN!

Also, Bob's native language is French. Though his English is excellent, that accounts for why you didn't get the right message from his post.

You should get to know us before you start yelling at us ;-)


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"Reason: System32\advpack.dll".

As this file is an internal part of Windows and not PDN, nor .Net, I believe your Windows is damaged.

Do you know how this can be fixed?

EDIT: pyro, I'm sorry about the screenshots, I thought I had them cropped when I uploadded them. Again I'm sorry

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