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Anime Tutorial?

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It wouldn't really be a Paint.NET tutorial...those are usually reserved for things you can only do with the technical capabilities of PdN. There are tutorials on coloring, optimizing scans, that sort of thing - but the artwork itself is something you'll probably have to go somewhere else for. You could go to Half Price Books and get a "How To Draw Anime" book for about $5. I'd recommend that. :-)

Hope this helps.


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As david.atwell said PDN does not have any tutorials on drawing Anime. However there are eye tutorials, fur tutorials, CG tutorials, and other tutorials that could be use full in Anime art.

Now this is not saying you can't do Anime in Paint.NET as you can. I have see Anime done in Paint. But you got to be really good at computer drawing. I would not do drawings on a computer using a mouse but may with a tablet. Other then that I draw on paper and then put it on computer.

If you really want to learn how (You got me into it now :P) just type "how to draw anime" in google. 1st site is very detailed on what you need, getting started, and drawing. 2nd site I am still looking at.

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Most PDN tutorials are used for creating effects that simply cannot be done with freehand and polygonal tools.

But then again, there are several tutorials on Deviant Art that teach this thing, theres countless anime/manga tutorials, so take your pick.

Tutorial search.

Not to mention that there are also a handful of How to Draw Manga books floating about, go to Borders or Hastings and ask for them.

Edit: Just saw Tamaki Kousaka in your sig, I just <3 her, red hair is so hot!

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I can make an anime eye tutorial!!! ^^ It'd be difficult though...I'm not great at tutorials...

There is already one.

I know. There is several but my style isn't just like those peoples. ^^ I use Paint.net a little oddly. XD

This was colored in pdn

http://mitsuki-kunoichi.deviantart.com/ ... b-68951286

and this!

http://mitsuki-kunoichi.deviantart.com/ ... u-68951914

and these!

http://mitsuki-kunoichi.deviantart.com/ ... o-66452476

http://mitsuki-kunoichi.deviantart.com/ ... n-67518615

http://mitsuki-kunoichi.deviantart.com/ ... b-67512182

http://mitsuki-kunoichi.deviantart.com/ ... d-64844291

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