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  1. You are a GOD! Send your boots to my house and I'll lick them clean.
  2. Pyro, if I ever take up drawing people, I'll be using the color elements of this to color it, the result should turn out quite interesting. Be a royal pain in the < no swearing >, but if I pulled it off, it would be well worth it. Also, *steals your current avatar and starts making a banner in that style*.
  3. As in, it works like a pencil tool, but instead of drawing pixels, it selects them. Would be a good tool for pixel artists and if you need to select a really small part of the image. I know that this can already be done with a second layer, a transparent color, and the magic wand tool, but this would be much more convenient.
  4. When you dream about new coloring methods. Seriously, you know the color effect on the Pyro Sig? A dream showed me how to use that to color things, the result was amazing. Haven't tried it yet, my crappy vector skills makes my OC look BLARGH.
  5. Put it into notepad, upload it as an attachment. If that doesn't work, find somewhere to host it, and give a link. Failing that, split it into two posts.
  6. Perhaps you could consolidate all of the save modes into one page with tabs, like... It bring up a page that shows the picture and the quality, and along the top, it has the filetypes that it can be saved under, like PNG, GIF, and JPG. Being a graphics designer, I have to get the lowest filesize and the highest quality possible, and that involves going through several settings and comparisons to make sure I get it right, not exactly time-consuming, but something like this would be a great help.
  7. It also makes for really good rust effects when improvised and messed with. http://quenlin.deviantart.com/art/The-D ... t-84477296 Linking to the page due to the large dimensions.
  8. Small issue I noticed, the preview only shows the layer you're working on, would it be possible for it to show all the layers at once? If that gets fixed, I might be able to emulate Keiichis coloring style.
  9. If there is, then I suck at finding it, if there isn't, I'll probably make one.
  10. Wow, excellent replication. But my glow effect is still better. XD, don't ask how I did it, I just randomly messed with things.
  11. Really nice, but a bit of feathering and anti-alias would've really helped make the flowers look more natural. Other than that, it's lovely.
  12. http://quenlin.deviantart.com/art/Magic ... g-81585733 I just made it out of boredom, I kinda like it, used a few elements from Hazmanian Devils Magic Circle tut. If you want, I can make something like this for you.
  13. Here are my zodiac brushes, lifted from the Wingdings font, high res, already centered, pre-antialiased with clean drop-shadow. Sorry for the filesize. 12 files in all. Had to upload 2 because the limit is one hexdecimal dollar of kb. Zodiac brushes1.zip Zodiac brushes2.zip
  14. ありがとう!! ありがとう!! ありがとう!! *downloads* Rick, you might end up making a Custom Brushes board. XD, this is an awesome plugin, needs a little bit of work but the potential is beyond comprehension!
  15. Holy... I thought I had that plugin already and just wasn't using it right, turns out I was completely missing another, thanks Boltbait.
  16. Being that I often make sigs and logos, doing anything flashy on the text is a royal pain in the as I always lose the transparency when I do it. But if there is an option on the layers that makes locking transparency possible, it would make text in logos much easier to work with. Locking transparency meaning that the alpha values will remain unchanged, Hell or high water. Only downside I can think of is that people will forget to turn it off, but that can be remedied easily.
  17. You know those little ornaments that are made with multiple colors of sand or rice? Yeah, made one with that plugin. Nice job, never would've thought of this. Five bucks says that Ash does something that blows it out of the water by the 7th. http://quenlin.deviantart.com/art/CGI-Sand-76051108 Yeah, crappy, I know, but hey, that's what I do when I experiment.
  18. I need a life. Heres the DA page. http://quenlin.deviantart.com/art/Citat ... e-73053503
  19. Just checked, Layer>Flip and Image>Flip work perfectly. Layer and Image are right next to each other, your probably doing it by accident. Either that or it's a bug on you're version, you upgraded to 3.20?
  20. For some reason, Scriptlab isn't showing up, period. There isn't an Advanced tab under effects or anywhere on Paint.net. Nevermind, updated PDN and it works now. Nice plugin Pyro, now I have macros!
  21. ...you create Firefox mods that involve Paint.net Yup, phailed again.
  22. ... when there is a folder on your desktop called "Shortcut to Effects" I plead guilty your honor.
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