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Feature Request: Compact Layers

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Say when we are doing an image, and we have finished working on a layer or layers, say when you've got a certain part done, but it clutters up the entire space of the layer bar, making it awkard to work with the layers you want. In my case, I only have less than half an image done, yet I have around about 23 layers on the picture, and makes in cluttery for working on the other place, so can you make a way so that you can choose to hide certain layers from the layer bar?


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Personally, I would prefer layer grouping rather than hiding certain layers in the layer window.

Basically, in this idea, layers would be categorized into sections. For example:




Eye Color


Clothing Color

Skin Color



Road Lines/Markings







Where layer groups, such as "Character" and "Background" would have a collapsable option, effectively 'hiding' those layers in the layer window for the time being. Layer categories could also have a checkmark to hide the entire section on the canvas.

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Leif said it, I'm quoting it:

Layer "folders", or the ability to organize layers in a hierarchy -- I want this too, and it depends on some major plumbing work being done. This would be a Paint.NET v4.0 level of feature. No ETA.

Rick thinks this be good too.

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Can't wait for 4.0...

I hope you can.

Another idea along these lines is, when you de-activate (you know what I mean, when it's invisible) a layer, the icon thing in the layers tool bar could be minimized, or something along those lines.

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