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Feature Request: History Marker

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There are times, especially after following a rather complex set of operations to create an effect.. After doing and in many cases re-doing to get what you want, when you're finally satisfied, you save the image to not lose you're hard work, and then set off to do the next step on a new layer. (The preceeding paragraph is my third attempt, and is still very badly written. I can only hope the point is illustrated.)

Well, after saving.. to help clear up the History window, I usually have to close and re-open the image. It would be nice if somewhere on the History window there was a button (and possibly a corrosponding keyboard shortcut) to clear that history. What this does is make that history window much easier to manage. The steps you take from this point forward can be undone all the way if you like, but won't go back past the point where you cleared the history.

You can, if you so choose to. add a line when clearing called [History Cleared], which itself could be undone if one chooses to. This would have the effect of condensing all of the history up to that point into one line, so that finding that point would be as simple as scrolling to the top of the history window. But that's only an option if you feel it should be in there.

*note* it's early, and I have only been up for 30 minutes. This is why my post here is not very clear. I'll try to re-write it in a while to get my point across in a much more clear fashion.

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There used to be a clear history button on the History window, but that was taken out in v3.05 as Rick felt it was not necessary anymore. Users were concerned that the history of their work was taking up too much memory and that it was impeding their machine, it was in fact the complete inverse. As history is written to the hard drive rather than memory there is no lag on system performance therefore no need for users to worry; the Clear History button instigated this unnecessary worry.

I know that your request has nothing to do with concern for system performance, but I do believe I heard Rick express that he had no intention to bring it back.

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ok.. I appreciate the reply. and I'll survive without it then. Again, I have the option of closing and re-opening the image as needed to clear it. The main reason I like clearing.. well.. one example is..

Let's say i'm using a pencil on one layer.. after many drawings and erasing mistakes i finally get that layer just the way I want it. I then switch to another layer and start on a new part.. after many pencils.. i decide to cut back a good ways and re-do that second layer.

So i scroll up a ways, click on a paticular pencil in the history, and undo a huge bunch. then start drawing again, only to find out later that I also undid a bunch of my previous layer. I went too far.

So perhaps instead of actually clearing the history, if it just condensed it all down to one line reading [History cleared] which itself could be undone.. that would be nice too. Basically it would act like a bookmark in the history.

As is.. I'll just do the closing/re-opening trick. Thanks.

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Thanks to point the cons / reasons it was removed so I don't have to do so. :D

I know that your request has nothing to do with concern for system performance, but I do believe I heard Rick express that he had no intention to bring it back.

I was about to say the same, but I thought:

What about calling it "Something else"?

Like "Add a marker" or something. It will add a nice "Marker added", maybe with a cool yellow/cream background, and automatically scroll so it will be the first item on the window.

For sure, you can scroll back to see the rest of the history and stuff.

Now I'm wondering I just wrote the same thing you did.

I bet Rick's answer will be "I understand this is totally useful, but it's a v4.0 level of / low priority feature". :wink:

Changing your thread title is highly recommended.

One more thing: if this feature will be implemented, ability to name/rename the marker will be totally kool.

No. Way. I've just seen Bob. And... *poof!*—just like that—he disappears into the mist again. ~Helio

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Good idea. I changed the title to History Marker instead of Clear History.

This is probably closer to the effect i'm looking for than clearing is.

There are also times when I wish i could undo mistakes in history that pre-date other operations that I really like and am not sure I could re-create easily. However, I know that would be a headache to try to program, so this idea will have to remain a wish. having markers though would still be very good to have.

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If you really want to clear the history,






Save, Close, then Open Recent #1. It's at least a quick keyboard shortcut way to accomplish what you want, assuming you are saving in PDN or only doing 1-layer w/ PNG (i.o.w. lossless formats).

The Paint.NET Blog: https://blog.getpaint.net/

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