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Can someone help me- bg removal and text integration

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how do u get rid of the backround of a pic and leave it just the person of a photo, i try using the magic wand and click on the backround and cut but the wand get the person as well. also is there someone who could do this for me.

i need someone to change the coka-cola writing to Mocha Cola and make two pics one red and one blue (the rapper), please here is the vid, i need this asap.



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OK, you seriously need to check out the Forum Rules. You're thread title was rather nondescript (I have edited it for you since we have active conversation in here), and your grammar is exactly the kind of thing Rule 4 decries - IM speak is tolerable at best over IM, but on a forum, we much appreciate you taking the time to type real words. It makes it far easier to read.

As for enlarging, since it's a raster image, any upscaling will result in quality loss of some degree. You can try yourself using Image -> Resize.

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okay, i am a good speller its just my way of short handing my words on the computer, if i have spelling errors in my posts its just my poor skills in typing, thankyou for the welcome, and thankyou very much Ash for the excellent help, Your Great!!

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