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  1. Well done man, dont be shy be HAPPY< cause man this is marvellous. I saw the tittle and im like boring but now im really amazed, thanks for the nice work
  2. Hi is there someone who could please do me a favour, i have to create a logo fo a computer company called Universal Computer Designs (UCD), is there someone who could please make me a really good logo for, (totally up to you how to do it), it needs to be big at least half a A4 page (or a little smaller), so if there is someone who can please help me out it would be most appreciative)
  3. i have tried the tutorials but it was no hope,
  4. i just can not seem to get the backrounds of my pictures white (get rid of the backround. i try using the magic wand and it get on the part of the picture i need. for example this is the one i have been trying to do for ages. Am i doing something wrong, cause honestly it is really confusing, please help me??
  5. heres my creations- Edit by Rick: Removed i have more than one, Edit by Rick: Sorry, you didn't follow the rules. Only one entry, and you must follow the theme. How are those sigs even remotely related to the theme!? Sorry, but you are disqualified.
  6. okay, i am a good speller its just my way of short handing my words on the computer, if i have spelling errors in my posts its just my poor skills in typing, thankyou for the welcome, and thankyou very much Ash for the excellent help, Your Great!!
  7. OMG< HECTIC< :shock: ur a legend dude, ur amazing fanx so so so mcuh, id pay u if u could.
  8. how do u get rid of the backround of a pic and leave it just the person of a photo, i try using the magic wand and click on the backround and cut but the wand get the person as well. also is there someone who could do this for me. i need someone to change the coka-cola writing to Mocha Cola and make two pics one red and one blue (the rapper), please here is the vid, i need this asap. PLEASE HELP ME!!