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i have read all the tuts about this but i still cant seem to get this...ok so i have use the magic wand to outline thing but when it comes to people or cars or somthing very detailed i just cant get it to outline the ogject as a whole.it outlines little parts of it.


HAHA...im an agent :D and ur not

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On a new layer use the Line / Curve tool and its nubs to adjust to the contours of the object. Once happy then use the Magic Wand to highlight in or out of the object, switch to the original picture layer and carry out whatever action you so desire.

If you need clarification on the technique refer to the Cutting out images the easy way! Version 2. tutorial.

Hope this guides you from the darkness of unknown to the light of knowledge.

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The Magic Wand can't actually tell the difference between elements of the picture. It's not THAT magic :-) It just selects pixels with the same (on low tolerance) or similar (on higher tolerance) color values that are contiguous in the image. That's why it won't select the whole car - the car has a bunch of colors - some of which are the same as its background.

That's why there needs to be a workaround, as our learned colleagues The_Lionhearted and Myrddin have so eruditely expounded upon.



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