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New tutorial request - make something glossy

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The key is having the right colors, see how CMD has his sig lighter at the bottom and darker at the top (in the center)? Once you do that creating the gloss is as simple as

1. creating a new layer

2. filling it with white

3. selecting gradient tool

4. set mode to opacity

5. and gradient off some of the white.

also notice how the white ends abruptly (suggesting he only filled part of the new layer with white)

It does take some practice. But the reason why it didn't work on your signature is because your signature has a flatt color. Apply a linear reflected gradient to the background and it should work alright.

Do you think I should do a tutorial about making something like that?

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Yeah, it's just one of those things that fell off my plate, got swept under a rug, and no one's heard of it since... <_<

I was right in the middle of making a tutorial for this, but I got called away by something or other, and simply never got back to it. The images for the steps were all made, but I never did write out the steps.

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Its simple. What you do is take the gradient tool on a new layer, and make a gradient with your primary color white, and your secondary color transparent, and make a gradient, the white at the top. Next, on that layer, delete the bottom half, so that doesn't have any gradient on it.


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