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Making a forest?

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Have you tried Google Images? I'm not been funny, serious in fact as this is the best thing I can think of if you want a realistic looking scene. Or are you wanting to create it yourself without the aid of external sources?

On the other hand you could try MadJik's Tree Generator which can, when used correctly, give some great looking scenes. I think you will have to draw your own leaves and stuff but without knowing exactly how you're wanting to create it I don't want to bog you down with instructions you won't need.

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Is it legal to use Google Images to find images to edit? I know that sounds like a stupid question since you suggested it, but I've heard that google is an awful place to find images because they're all copyrighted.

Any image I create/edit would be for non-commercial use. I belong to one wolf roleplay forum and am in the process of creating one of my own, so any image I create/edit that have forest/nature type scenes or wolves in it would be used on the internet. So I want to make sure I'm going about things in a legal manner.

I tried the Tree Generator plugin yesterday, but it decided to crash (I read through that whole thread and noticed that there had been problems with crashing, but I thought I read in a further post that Madjik fixed what was causing the crash). So evidently my computer doesn't like it for some reason.


Thanks for the heads up. :) I'll be looking forward to it.

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